Inspirational, Person or Thing

What or who inspires you? It may be one or both, a person or a thing. Whatever it is, embrace it and seek it often. I have found that throughout my life different things and people have inspired me at different stages of my life. As a kid I aspired to be a great softball player, it was something I loved doing and I excelled in the sport. It was a way to meet new people and my parents were always my biggest fans. I started playing on an organized team at 5 and gradually moved into competitive play and playing for two or three different teams at one time. I was fortunate to play with the same group of girls from my pre teens throughout my teenage years. My dad would play catch with me, he even taught me to pitch and designed a pitching target for me (this was way before fancy equipment was available!) but the old car tire dad hung on the side of the garage and a bucket of balls entertained me many afternoons. I had a coach when I was in my teens that inspired me and help mold me into a versatile player, I learned I could pitch a little, loved the catcher position, I played shortstop as well as outfield. I was known for stealing bases and for being obnoxiously loud! (HaHa!). My coach was so knowledgeable about the game and made it fun! I lost touch with him but I’ll never forgot him either, his name was “Ottie” he was confined to a wheelchair but an awesome coach, sitting or standing! I can’t lie, I also loved the attention and popularity that came with being a notable player. I played summer league ball and when I went to college I was fortunate enough to make the team all four years. After college I played summer leagues again and continued through my mid thirties. During all these years I’ve met a lot of interesting individuals, sadly I don’t really have any connections or contacts with my former teammates, but it’s fun to look back and reminisce. Inspiring…I believe the sport itself was an inspiration for me, I was challenged to hone my skills and develop attributes that helped me to become the person I am today. Teamwork is a skill I continue to use daily in my life, a valuable lesson indeed! Playing a sport also prepared me for competition, there’s lots of competition in the business world. The sense of fair play and following pre established rules prepared me for many of life’s challenges. I’ve had the opportunity to have met wonderful role models within the workforce of places I’ve worked. I met a lady that was the director for a company I work with for only a few years back in my early twenty’s and I still think of her often. She was well-educated, successful business woman, a divorcee and the mother of twins in her mid 40’s. I have continued to meet inspiring people in my life, people who made an impact on my life without even trying. It is because of these individuals that I am able to be typing these words and paying tribute to a few special people who have forever changed my life. God continues to bless me with incredible people, I thank you for taking the time to plant seeds of courage, strength, humility, and authenticity in my life. Here’s to a few and I’m sure I’ll miss someone please know it is not intentional should you read this…grandparents, mom, dad, brother, aunts, uncles, coaches, friends, lovers, enemies, bosses, teachers, co-workers, family and to these few but many more…Darrell, Kim, Dan, Debbie, Connie, Bev, Kelli, Leo, Carolyn, Michael, Mike, Barb, Jennifer, Jan, Janiel, Beth, Julie, Marcie, Stacy, Greg, Tom, Bill, Margaret, Lin, Nancy, Kathy, William, Helen, Betty, Clyde, Hunter, Esther, Regina, Pam, Sandy, Susie, Diana, Michele, Jodi, Leah, Jim, Denise, Betsy, Michelle, Eric, Barry, Cody, Kiela, Robert, Shae, Garrett, Sherry, Lisa, Marty, Oland, Beverly, Everett, Yvonne, Brandi, Leslie, Greg, Joe, Kalya, Teresa, Nancy, Gary…I do apologize for all the people I missed, each person listed made an impact to me whether it was good or bad, I learned and they helped me recognize how I want to live my life and what my life will look like. The single most significant person in my life is ironically the person that gave me life…mom, dad and God! With them I became a reality and at times a force to be reckoned with! My mom taught me so much, she was strong, determined, committed, loyal, fair, friendly, sympathetic, fun, loving, dependable…what a blessing to have had her in my life. My mom continues to inspire me daily, I miss here daily and I’m thankful to God for blessing me abundantly!

~Blessings and Peace~

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