Happy Mother’s Day 2020

Sunday, May 10th, 2020

Happy Mother’s Day to all women around the world! I personally want to acknowledge my mom, she was/is all I could ever ask a mother to be. I thank God for her. She is with Jesus now, I miss her every day and I know she’s at peace. I have so many strong and courageous women in my life who have at different times been my friend, my counselor, my sister and even a mom figure to me…you know who you are 😉 and I say “THANK YOU!” Your love and support are a blessing to me.


  gives me blue skies,

  and tells me no lies.

  gives me strength when I am weak,

  and wisdom to be meek.

  fills my darkness with light,

  on a cold winters’ night.

  makes me laugh,

  and leads me on my path.


  is this so true,

  it is you, Mother, YOU!

~Charlotte A. Robinson©️

Christmas 1985


Thank you for stopping by my blog today. Wishing all the mothers in the world, “Happy Mother’s Day!”💐🌷🌼🌹🌸🌺🌻

Continue to practicing social distancing, good health and hygiene habits! 😊

~Peace~ ειρήνη~Charlotte 🌻🙏🏻☀️

ειρήνη– “Peace” in Greek, reference listed the below.





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