Bucket List

The sermon this past Sunday was entitled, “What’s on Your Bucket List?” Interestingly, two years ago I started a “bucket list” for myself. I currently have seven items listed, only one of which I have sort of completed, so since it’s partially completed I feel it’s okay to share. “To have my writings published,” I have had a few poems printed in poetry books of which I’m certain not many eyes have seen, but nonetheless less they do exist in printed bounded books. In many ways I feel as though my words are being shared through this medium of blogging and back when “MySpace” was cool, I had a few paragraphs on there as well. Almost daily, I am reminded that my words and thoughts are gifts from God, I love sharing them with friends, family, coworkers and even strangers these are all counted as blessings (+) because just writing and being able to articulate my feeling, fears, strengths and dreams is a blessing as well as an answered prayer. When I become distracted, busy with busy things or am just being lazy and sometimes defiant as if I’m hurting someone by choosing not to write. The end result is I’m not honoring God with the gifts He has so generously blessed me with, but I am hurt myself, carrying the words and thoughts around in my very soul not giving them breathing space and places to grab hold of or simply the freedom to fly. One thing I’ve learned to accept is the fact I may never know who or how my words may help others, this knowledge keeps me grounded to not become prideful and take credit for what is “God’s” work. I don’t have the answers to solve the mysteries of the world and those of our vast universe, or to solve the world’s social and economic hurdles. I am a woman seeking to be present and involved in the process, choosing to recognize that I was created and created with a purpose uniquely mine. As I looked at my life today and took time to revisit some very fond memories, I found myself smiling and even laughing out loud a few times, I even shed a few tears…I reminisced and visualized my heritage, where I started from, my beginning, to whom I belong and a future that only God knows, He’s the best travel guide, no matter where the journey may lead. I heard this quote in a movie I recently saw, “A planned life cannot be lived; it can only be endured.”by Ken Williams. Be brave enough to live the life you were created to live. Expect the unexpected and be prepared for the unexplained, count your blessings each and every day!

~Blessings and Peace~

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