Imagination, Fun with Numbers

I used to think that life was difficult because I didn’t understand boundaries. I have spent a considerable amount of time talking, readings and visualizing “boundaries” now that I am better at understanding boundaries both figuratively and literally I can now recognize them more clearly. Now I find myself leaning on the posts of my invisible fence signifying my boundaries. I find myself wanting to help out on the other side of my fences but I realize I am here not to just watch but more importantly to be supportive and watch as life unfolds before me and I have to say it can be just as frightening no matter what side of the fence you are on.

Even when the borders and boundaries of our lives are clearly marked, our needs and desires to simply help, care for and even to keep others from being harmed or make mistakes is our natural defense mechanism and it is so strong and difficult at times. It’s at this moments I realize I’m not supposed to proceed or intervene or change the natural progression of life’s experiences. Sometimes we just have to experience things for ourselves. My intuition and soul are telling me that I can do something: “I can pray,” I can ask for God’s intervention and God’s direction and the Holy Spirit but it is at these times and entirely to often my humanism/selfishness wants to tell myself that this is weak, “I am weak,” but I know in my heart that is the power of God the Father, the Holy Spirit working in me drawing me to pay attention and to know that this is the strongest and bravest thing to do. God is always the best and the bravest choice to make. Yet time and time again I think I can deal with this one little issue, telling myself, I don’t need God’s help.” I don’t need to bother God with this small problem! It is in these instances I make myself placing myself superior to God and the simple truth is I am not God! Some days not even “godly!”  We are all created by God for God’s purposes, all that is required of us is obedience. It is ironic that God has already given us instructions for life, these instructions can and do answer almost any given circumstance experienced in life. These instructions are known as the Ten Commandments, many Christians, myself included like to think that we hold these ten little rules in high regard when; in fact, we only pay attention to the ones that matter the most in the public eye and in doing so we leave our hearts and our souls aching for the things this world can never give us and that is peace, love, forgiveness and hope…all of these things are only possible through the Son, Jesus Christ, God, the Father and the Holy Spirit. When we stop looking at the world for approval and love, and turn toward Jesus our view of the world changes, our hearts are filled with love beyond our own imagination.

~Blessings and Peace~

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