Poetry By Charlotte

Life’s Essentials

Here surrounded by solitude and silence,

The thoughts race hurriedly to describe.

The heart beats rapidly to feel

If only, the words could release themselves.

Merely, wishing to express life’s essentials.

Those which are necessary and indispensable.

Ah, such an aggregate of elemental qualities.

That enables one to be in harmony with oneself.

To convey to others the honest

Yet, unadorned expression of life, good and bad.

That which gives vigor and character. 

Is considered an inspiring force and a leader.

And, possess an emotional nature.

Oh, but lest we forget the characteristics of –

A person one knows, likes and trusts – completely.

A person bound to another – unconditionally.

An ally – in good times and bad times.
As for life’s essentials – we all have our own.

The description depicted in these few lines – are but

Life’s Essentials – For me.

That, which will always be with me.

Soul Friends.

~Charlotte A. Robinson©️

  November 5, 1990