WWJD…Grace and Mercy

As I was driving to church this past Sunday the popular acronym “WWJD” came to me, it made me think very seriously at, what would Jesus do in situations that occur daily for each of us? Now I realize we all encounter different things and are inclined to be in conversations that may be radically different for one another so, I am going to use my own personal experiences to explore WWJD. I have attended a few different denomination churches in my life; spanning from Community non-denominational, Baptist, Methodist, and Lutheran. To be honest, my experiences had more to do the people of the congregations rather than the denomination and its particular traditions, sacred histories or symbols. My foundational belief is I believe in the Trinity, God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit. I was created by God, I have salvation because of the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ’s through His life, death and resurrection and daily I am encouraged and directed by the Holy Spirit. In the past, I was drawn to churches for a variety of things such as times of services (crazy work schedules), the Pastors, classes/workshops and the congregation. As, I look back and ponder on these things, I am reminded how very happy I have found a church that truly feeds me, teaches me, supports me and loves me unconditionally. God knew my plan all along; it just took me a bit longer to find my path to free-ness and happiness. A church cannot and should not be the foundation of your faith, churches are merely buildings in which believers gather to share and praise God. My church serves communion weekly, this is an awesome experience and weekly I can refresh my spirit, recommit myself to God, and restore my soul. Church services offer a time for community and conversations, coffee and juice to feed nutritionally and scripture, message, singing and prayers feed the soul to overflowing. It’s a chance to engage with others as we work towards a common goal to spread the love of Jesus with one another but more overly our world. So, the question is WWJD…over and over throughout the Bible, Jesus meets with people, the common usually ignored people, He respected people and He loved people. He was sincere and preached to people in a manner that was simple to understand, not like the Teachers of the Law at that time. Jesus did not put on public displays all His power and authority for mere recognition, He healed and saved people whose faith allowed healing to take place. When Jesus prayed, He did not do so openly for all to see, He spoke with His Father in a quiet and private personal manner. God does not want His children to display themselves in a proud and gaudy way of worshipping Him; this only brings recognition to self. God wants and desires a personal relationship with Him; He wants to bless us beyond our capabilities to comprehend. God’s invitation is for all people, no one is excluded, NONE…we are called to share the Good News to all, all are created in God’s image and to bring glory to God, He has a plan for each of us…I recently, attended a workshop “Pursuing Your Unique Purpose,” it was a great workshop and I was able to name and claim my spiritual gifts as well as find clarity to put them into action. Life is meant to grow, increase and even stretch (as I recently discovered at the ACC sermon on 09/08/2013…look for it soon on the website if you missed it http://www.avonchristian.org/ Sermon “Refreshment for the Soul”) WWJD…confronting self and others with grace and mercy, stretching yourself to grow, refine and refresh your soul. I am going to challenge myself when confronted with decisions and actions, WWJD…we are all human and sinners and honestly judgment comes into life every day, what if we just meet people where they are with no expectations, just loving them as Jesus would, not judging but with grace and mercy.
Peace and Blessing~

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