The In-Between…Empowering

Yesterday, I chose to do something I’ve been talking about doing for quite some time, always trying to plan and make time…the best laid out plan is an executed plan. I said to myself, “why not today?” The only thing stopping me, was me! No great planned out trip, I just fueled the car grabbed food and drink for a 2 hour drive…it was so freeing! I visited a friend and showed up unannounced and bringing gifts! I’m not sure who was more excited my friends or me. My college friends will not be surprised at this, I used to get in my car and drive to a destination just to surprise them with a visit! Today, I captured that feeling again, it was amazing! That feeling of freedom and the only thing holding me back, was myself. I recently read a wonderful book by Jeff Goins, “The In-Between,” a marvelous book, [thanks Margaret]. Today, was an in-between moment for me, I had been so bogged down with the planning of a 2 hour drive and the details of finding the right time and right date…I would have missed being in the moment of seeing my friends, taking in the beauty of the countryside and watching people rushing to and from their destinations, if I had continued to postpone my visit due to “planning!” I know from my experiences that sometimes the hype of planning things and only seeing the beginning and the end, I miss the best part of all…the happenings in the in-between. I used to describe this as wasted time, thinking of getting from one point to another as more important, not giving thought to the journey itself. I was completely aware of the journey but thought the best part was at the end, I was so completely wrong. I am not much of a risk taker and perhaps I thought by planning everything there would be less chance of anything being left for “risk” to ruin it. Life is a journey to be savoured, taking in all the moments, the full gamut of feelings and emotions. I would highly recommend Jeff Goins book and challenge you to empower yourself to experience the in-between moments in your life, I am certain you will be pleasantly surprised. [It was awesome to see you Mary & Mark and all my fellow co-workers at FWA!].



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Instead of living life wishing you could jump ahead to the next adventure, these pages will inspire you to slow down and savor the in-between.
—Crystal Paine, founder of 

If you find yourself in the quiet valley of waiting, Jeff Goins offers a kind voice in the silence. This gently honest book challenged me to surrender to the waiting moments rather than try to rush ahead to the next thing — a simply lovely read.
—Emily P. Freeman, author of A Million Little Ways and Grace for the Good Girl