I am reminded of how precious family really is, often our loved ones are taken for granted that they will always be there for us whenever we need them. Family to me is more than simple genealogy, I have individuals in my life I consider family based upon the special bonds we share. I may not see these individuals often but our friendships have weathered many years of little contact only to be refreshed in a moment with the sound of their voice, a letter, email and even through twitter now. Family means you are loved, supported and forgiven…always. God’s great example of being the ultimate Father, His love, support and forgiveness is open to all. I hope you were able to recognize that loving someone does not mean you will always agree with one another, we are all uniquely designed and our differences should strengthen us not divide us. Have you ever wondered why we are all so different, if God had wanted us to all conform to sameness why create us unique and give us creative abilities. We may not know everything about our journey through this thing called “life” but I am excited to be on the journey with my family & friends and I am assured that God is with me every step I take, He only wants to be invited. I hope you find courage to reach out to family and friends to remind them, they are loved, the blessings you will receive will be amazingly uplifting. I was inspired to write this piece about family while attending a cousins funeral. He was loved by many, but sadly it was too late to tell him in person.

Family, the fragile state of life.
The tests and trials before us
Years come and go, family ties bind
Sickness and sadness reminds us
Busy lives, racing to and fro
Thinking tomorrow time will slow
Tomorrows stay elusive just out of reach
We gather at weddings, wishing
We gather at funerals, remembering
Often asking why and where time has gone
God may seem elusive but He’s not
God is always with us
We only notice when we need Him
Celebrate the daily things
Thank God daily for His presence
Take time for Family in the in-between
Weddings will be happier
Funerals will be less sad
Family ties that bind, strengthened
The grace of God never-ending.

~April 3, 2011