A Child’s Wish

me & mom Me & My Mom
Yesterday was a day I knew might come but I was unprepared for how the news would unravel before me. I find myself wishing for my mom’s strength and surety. I am asking the obvious question, why it hurts some much to do the right thing when it hurts someone else. Truth often finds its way to the surface no matter how hard one tries to avoid the inevitable. I am saddened with events occurring beyond my control, wishing I could have helped but it was never something I could control, I can love and support and ask God for guidance, love and compassion for the ones that are hurting from no cause of their own. Love the person but not their behavior. Those of us affected by the events of the day have heavy hearts filled with love and support. Why is asking God for help so difficult to do? He’s just waiting for an invitation…Oh God, I know you are fully aware of all things and I am reminded of your words in Hebrews 13:5 “…Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.”

If you read this today and are struggling with things beyond your control, just remember God is only a prayer away; He’s just waiting for an invitation into your life. The writing below was from a few years ago, I found healing and comfort being able to express my fears and was able to recognize the importance of loving myself as others love me. May God’s Blessings be bountiful upon you today!

I look at you and want to pick you up and put my arms around you
Squeeze you and tell you everything is alright, that you’re safe
Caress you hair and sing you a lullaby while gently rocking you
I want to whisper sweet “I love you” and protect you from the dark
You are scared of so many things while trying to be a superhero, too
Slow down; take a deep breath, the world will not stop if you slow down

As a child and during my youth and sometimes still,
I would often wish for someone just like me
Someone to play catch with, someone to talk with
Someone who understood me, who really knew me
As I sit here now, knowing what I now know about myself
I have been wishing and dreaming and pursuing my reflection
The child I saw scared and alone, was me
There are so many things I keep myself from doing because inside I’m that scared child
How can I reach her, how can I heal her…
I just want to pick her up and put my arms around her
Squeeze her and tell her everything is alright, say you’re safe now
I want to caress her hair and sing a lullaby and rock her gently
I want to whisper “you are loved” and stay with her in the dark
I want to tell her being a kid is the best fun ever and I will be her superhero
I want to take her by the hand…walk, run and skip through life with her
-Charlotte A. Robinson
October 7, 2010