Walls, high and strong
As I see and feel the attempts to breach
An illness covers me
Fight and flight disappear
I am alone in this empty place
Cold and dark, damp and dreary
My possessions hold no value to me
My heart is heavy, weighed with everything
Ones heart can easily overthrow the brain
Where is my help, whom can I trust
This horrible pain, it invades my slumber
Pain, disappointment and strife
They steal, rob and plunder all that is good
Oh God, where is my refugee
My screams do not relieve my struggles
Sunshine or dark of night, it’s all the same
Pride is my leader, I cower under its control
Oh God, how to overcome this I pray
I am all tangled and tied up, save me I beg
Tiredness and shame are my clothing
Oh God of Isaac and Jacob…
Renew your spirit within me
Surround me with your arms
Hold me tight and never let go
Is it so foolish to want to be cradled, held and protected
I’m tired, scared, lonely and alone.

July 19, 2013