Dedication, Starting Point…In This Very Place

I am dedicating my first post to the individuals that have encouraged me to step out in faith and share my words with a larger audience. I find comfort in words and they seem to tell a story. The past few years have been emotionally challenging to me and often the words come faster than I can write or type them. I used to think that my writings were only meaningful to me but I have been so blessed with people and friends in my life that can not only see me in my writings but they too have experienced comfort and meaning in my words. One of the greatest moments in my life was when a friend ask to borrow my words for a similar situation in hers. Oh my, what a huge honor that was for me. To be able to share the gift that God has so freely given to me with someone so dear to me, what an amazing feeling. I look forward to sharing with you and look forward to hear your comments and most importantly, I pray that the words I share can offer insights and comfort to you. My muse for writing comes from every aspect of my life. My faith is central to my being and my prayer is that not only do I wish to share my thoughts with you, but more importantly the love of God in everything. I would like mention everyone by name that has pushed, prodded and encouraged me to do this but the list is long…please know I love and appreciate all of you. I would like to share words about the one person I could always count on, my mom…I miss you every single day!

In This Very Place

Your spirit is woven into the fabric of this very place
Every corner, every shelf reveals remnants of your special touch
Christmas gifts of long ago still adorn the walls of this sacred place
Family photos of yesteryear all with a story to tell
If only this were but a childish game running and laughing, all covered with love
I hear you in the chimes letting me know you’re near
Hummingbirds with their ease of flight…shows me the beauty and complexity of this life
As I hear the tick tock of the clocks, I can hear your laughter in the distance
Remembering the comfort and strength in your warm embrace,
Remembering your sacrifices in all you did, making life sweeter
Everything has changed, nothing feels the same, and hard as I try reality continues knocking at my door
Go away, go away…Can’t you see you’re not welcome in this place.
This was hers, this was ours…wishes and dreams unfulfilled, it’s all left undone
Questions linger, the obvious one of why…it’s beyond our understanding.
Has she traveled to all the places she once dreamed of, was there a welcoming of those who had gone before?
No pain…walking and running freely, perhaps even flying or floating about.
Today as I looked in the sky, filled with billowing white clouds I paused to wonder…
Thinking to myself, and saying…can she see me, is she proud of me,
Am I doing and being the best person I can be? When will I see her again?
Mom, I miss you so very much and I love you more than I was ever able to show.
Until we meet again, you will always be in my heart, my soul…the very existence of who I am, always and forever…your daughter.

September 19, 2011

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  1. We are all blessed for having known you as well. You are an amazing woman. God is always with us, even when we doubt it. You can always lean on Him and your friends for support! Love you. 😉


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