Hear Me Out…The Struggle Is Real

Hello friends—

Transparency is a character trait I always try to present when writing my blogs, and with that being said; this one I’ve been struggling to write. As a writer I often know what and how I will present a specific topic but today, I’m simply writing from my heart and current situation. I know that I am not alone, it is my desire to share and give hope. I use the word hope because I know in all things HOPE is always present in the trusting of God, my hope, my redeemer, my creator and my God!

Of course, I’m writing this on the day after mid-term elections here in the United States and trust me it doesn’t matter if you are Democrat or Republican, the struggle is real for so many people. My opinion is we are a wounded and divided nation who argues over the silliest of things, so much mis-information on both sides of the aisle, can no one person simply stand for TRUTH. All I here on either side is it’s ALL or NOTHING, my way or no way. Really, has the word balance completely left our vocabulary. Nothing is ever all good or all bad, it takes a little of both to make sense of things.

A few thoughts (my thoughts) on some very polarizing topics:


• My personal thoughts have not changed over the five plus decades of my life. I have always believed that in cases of rape, incest and the health of the mother these all should be cause for a conversation for abortion.

• My belief that abortion in the past being used primary as a form of contraception is a slippery slope and with todays advancements into alternatives and more readily available to women and men, the avoidance of pregnancy can be achieved prior to the actual act of conceiving.

• My opinion, I believe abortion should be a decision based upon the health of the woman, it is a medical decision and should be available through medical insurance and funded likewise. It should not be ruled by the Supreme Court or even State’s for that matter. It should be legally and safely provided to women along with mental health services as this is not a decision for the faint of heart.

• My faith compels me to trust God; to see all manner of life as a gift from God. I can only answer for my own actions as they relate to this heated topic. There was a time in my life when a situation happened to me by poor decision-making on my part where pregnancy and abortion might have been something I would need to consider, thank God for his grace and protection I never needed to make that life-changing decision. Not everyone is as fortunate. As for those who have chosen to have an abortion that is entirely between them and God. It is not my job or responsibility to demonize anyone who is either for or against abortion. Furthermore, I say this with great confidence, God alone is the Judge of all things good or evil, I denounce anyone who would cause personal harm or property damage against those receiving and preforming legal medical services to women.

Green Energy

• My personal thoughts are “yes” when and where we can conserve energy let’s do it. My issue with going green is again, all or nothing. Our country “alone” cannot fix the global issues surrounding the survival of the planet and cannot become total green to accomplish such a task. I don’t care if you believe in climate-change or not, I do care about the path chosen to address the climate and green energy. Fossil fuels are important factors in the global conversation. Do people really understand how electric car batteries are made, not to mention the disposal of said batteries. My entire life a major issue I have witnessed is how we as a country deal with trash. Landfills, recycling and the constant reorganizing of this programs. There’s enough blame for everyone; failed programs, programs with a positive public face and behind closed doors dispose of trash the cheapest way possible.

• Plant-based everything. Obviously, this is great for some but for goodness sake, please let me eat real meat if that’s my choice. It’s amazing to me how many manufacturers have jumped on this bandwagon, I don’t know the motivation my guess is there’s government money available to produce such products. I current have shampoo and conditioner in my shower that is plant-based, my little secret…I didn’t buy it for that reason, it was on clearance! I have to say it, BALANCE it all about balance. Freedom of choice, supply and demand.

• Electric cars, as I mentioned above and with full disclosure I am not well versed about the manufacturing of electric vehicles and the costs associated with it. I certainly cannot afford an electric vehicle and it is entirely unpractical for me and my driving habits. I love to set out on an adventure and see where the road takes me, gas stations are readily available but who wants plan a trip based on where charging stations are located. BALANCE! A great mix of gas, flex-fuel, diesel, and electric makes sense to me. I often sit back and think, we (USA) is called the land of the free and the brave; but sometimes and even more often it feels like my choices are being make by individuals who could care less about me and the people who voted them into office to speak for us.


• Elected officials such as Governors, Senators and Congressional Representatives should not be a forever job with forever paychecks and forever benefits. Some individuals have been in their positions for decades and have not made any substantial differences in their tenure. (My opinions). Just watching the election results last night I was scratching my head at some who won, what did others see in a candidate that I did not…BALANCE! Our freedom to go to the polls and cast our ballots; that is DEMOCRACY, democracy is being able to do this whether you are Blue, Red or White. (Meaning democrat/republican/other). I hate that I even feel the need to explain that, but that is the culture we are living in right now.

• We are the United States of America but day by day I see more and more of “Us Against Them” our country is divided because of the individuals in power. Lines are drawn in the sand at every turn and the casualties are people like you and me, just trying to live the American dream. My goal in life is not wealth, but I would like to not live paycheck to paycheck. I would like to be able to care for my aging father who lives on a budget that is far below a live-able wage. It is sad to see our senior citizens having to decide between medication and food, both which are important for life. I have worked since I was in high school, I went to college and earned my degree, I have a full time job I love and it’s still not enough. Today, I went and applied for a part-time job and just last week I have a borrow money just to pay my rent. I hate this and the world around makes me want to feel ashamed, I tell you in all honesty it makes me feel like a failure. A failure because I have allowed the world to warp my sense of person. I have faith that this storm will pass and I’m grateful for the help. Asking for help is very, very difficult for me. Perhaps, there’s a lesson here that God is trying to teach me. I say this because, I happily give to others. It ignites a fire in my very soul when providing for others. I am learning that this was never meant to be a one way street, giving is reciprocal. To give with a whole heart one must be willing to receive likewise.

• Spending. I think we can all learn a lesson from how our government so freely gives away money to other countries and seemingly fails to see needs within our own. We (my opinion) often stick our noses in other countries business and jump in to help and to only deal with the repercussions after the fact. Meddling into wars, financially supporting wars all the while sitting on the sidelines saying, we are not involved???? Really, we may not be supplying feet on the ground but involved, head over heels stuck in the muck we are. Don’t misunderstand, I believe in humanitarian aid but we can’t continue printing more money and expect the value of the dollar to be healthy.


• I believe everyone should be afforded the opportunities to better themselves. America is a great nation but is it the right fit for everyone. That’s a question I am sure a lot of people are uncomfortable with but I think it’s an important question. It is true we are a country of immigrants and they each have brought rich cultures with them to share with others; we are not and should never be a country of “pockets” that do not want to be fully Americans and live according to the rights and rules set forth in our Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Crime is rampant with no relief in sight, criminals are not being accountable for their actions, whether it be robbery, theft, drugs (selling/using), murder and homicide. Yes, prisons are over-run but that’s the reality and consequences of not obeying the law. Reform, definitely but to what end? Life has consequences, we all know that. Are people falsely accused, some are…is every person innocent, I doubt it. The system provides for a long list of ways for appeals and mistrials, not always based upon facts but rather opportunity to misguide the truth.

• I would agree our borders are open, open at ports of entry and asylum seeking individuals looking for a new life in America. I was born here so it is difficult to understand what it would be like wanting/needing/desiring to move from the country and continent I was born into. From my understanding there’s multiple ways to seek citizenship, legal and safe routes to get here.

• With immigration comes the ethnicities, there’s been a lot of conversation over the past decade in relationship to race. I have been fortunate in my life that this has never been an issue for me. I believe racism is a learned behavior that some seem more susceptible to than others. And I believe it is real. The first atrocities that happened on USA soil was to the Native American, we enslaved them, drove them out of their land, killed them and then parceled out their land back to them under our decisions. My opinion only but everyone that came after are simply Americans. I think the idea of renaming every ethnic group that resides in America as “_________ American, is a “watering” down of American’s richness, our cornucopia of the worlds treasures. I celebrate where your roots are grounded, where you came from and your journey to America. I do not know the statistics but I’m sure every continent is represented in America and being called an American should in no way take away from your personhood and ethnic identity. I here the phrase, “ words matter” indeed they do but to whom do they matter? Though vileness exists, I believe most people are genuine and do not seek to offend. Then begs the question, if someone is offended are they offended because of words/phrases said to them or their own lack of who and what they themselves stand for. I think if any of us look deeply within ourselves we have said or did something during our lifetime that could have or was viewed as offensive and we were completely unaware it was offensive at all. Being offended is a choice on the receivers end of any action. We are in control of our emotions, I’m sure you’ve heard, “she made me mad!” The action word, “made” is totally incorrect. A better and more accurate comment would be, “I allowed her to make me mad.” So I absolutely agree words matter, equally as important is our reactions to said words/phrases/actions. We always have the choice of escalating or de-escalating a situation. I love the coined phrase, “Just Be Kind” in a world where you can be anything, “Be Kind.” Being kind to someone doesn’t mean you agree with them on any other level than to simply be kind, be respectful and be reminded we are all human.

Am I My Brother’s Keeper

“Then the Lord said to Cain, “Where is your brother Abel?” He said, “I do not know; am I my brother’s keeper?” —Genesis 4:9

Here’s a great article I found, click here to read https://www.thenewsstar.com/story/life/faith/2016/07/22/brothers-keeper/87408036/

“Each of us is responsible for our own actions. Accountable to God and accountable to each other. We are also responsible for the well-being of our neighbor. Too frequently we focus on individual freedom while forgetting that God also created us to live together in mutual support as family, as children of God.”

Bishop Jake Owensby

🌎 🇺🇸 🌍 🇺🇸 🌏

“Jesus himself said that whatever we do to the needy, the helpless, the oppressed, and the marginalized we do to him. We are our sibling’s keeper. Our own well-being is bound forever to the well-being of everyone. That’s what it means to love our neighbor as our self.”

Bishop Jake Owensby
Photo Credit: Me
November 8th, 2022
Plainfield, IN

Thank you for stopping by my blog space today. I truly appreciate it!

The struggle is real for so many and not just here in America but around the world. Trust the Plan! Trust in God and pray for His will and not our own! ~ Peace to you 💞

~Charlotte, Seeker of unexpected Comfort, Happiness, Joy and Patience.

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  1. Thank you for those swords. Also, proud of you for telling it like it is! We need balance, kindness and can hopefully get along. ♥️Lit

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