Lent 2019 – Discipleship Is Not Easy

Friday, April 12, 2019

“But the Twelve understood none of these words. The meaning of this message was hidden from them and they didn’t grasp what he was saying.” ~Luke 18:34

Discipleship is more than learning to be a disciple of Jesus and his teachings it is living his teachings. Being Jesus in the world, being the hands and feet of Jesus. Sharing the words of Jesus through words and our actions. When we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior we are changed from the inside out. We are called to immerse ourselves in the study of the Bible and the teaching of Jesus so we can understand what was once hidden. Just like the disciples with Jesus, they too did not understand or comprehend what Jesus was telling them. Much like learning a new skill or a new language, it seems so foreign to us at first and we feel like we will never understand it, but after practice and study and repetition it begins to made sense. When we immerse ourselves into daily living for Jesus by spending time in prayer and reading his word, we can easily transition into new life. The more we interact with other believers and trust in God’s Word, our eyes and our minds are more fully opened and we begin to grasp the enormity of God’s greatness and his love for us.

As we press on in our pursuit of Discipleship, let’s support one another through prayer, meditation and sharing of God’s love. With Easter quickly approaching and continue to read/learn the history of Jesus’ sacrifice, lets prepare to emerge with thanksgiving to be the hands and feet of Jesus in this hurting world, who is in need of a savior.

Discipleship Definition – Changing from the inside
“The important distinction with Christian discipleship is that we are not only called to learn the teachings of Jesus Christ, we are also called to live them. A disciple who bases his or her life on the teachings of Christ “like a person building a house, who dug a deep hole to lay the foundation on rock” (Luke 6:48). When we make our initial declaration of faith and ask Christ to be our Savior, He will begin changing us from the inside, giving us the ability to understand His word and the desire to live it.” *See reference article listed below

Breath Prayer: Immerse me…in your grace, O Lord.