Lent 2019 – Discipleship Is Not Easy

Thursday, April 11, 2019

The road to what we want is often difficult. Have you ever wanted something so badly you never thought it would happen? I recently experienced such a thing. I have been thinking and dreaming of going on vacation for a very long time. I specifically wanted to go to Walt Disney World in Florida, my last real vacation was in 2012 and it had been at WDW. I had a lot of doubts that it would happen but through planning and saving and sacrifice it happened. So, now the vacation has come and gone, what a blessing to be able to go and I was able to go with friends, it was truly magical! I was able to rest, relax and enjoy all four parks and reminisce about previous visits. In order for this trip to come to fruition I had to be willing to have self-awareness of my money and my vacation time at work, I had to make sacrifices regarding my spending practices, this all took intentionality. And, wonderful moral support from friends and family, reminding me of the benefits of the sacrifices I was making. Seven years is a long time in between planned vacations, but it was so worth the sacrifices. This all reminds me of the reading for today from Juan Huertas and the scripture verse telling us that to be followers of Jesus we must say no to ourselves, take up our cross. In our humanity, we are very selfish individuals! I remember a time in my own life where I made a lot of really bad financial decisions because of pride, pride of self and pride of trying to give others what “I” thought they needed, wanted and desired. It’s true what they say, money can’t buy happiness or love! Following Jesus means that we become like Jesus, we care for others, we love others and we make sacrifices. When we read about Jesus and His life, he did not have a full wardrobe of the latest fashions coming out of Rome and Jerusalem. He did not have sandals made from the softest leather in the land. He did not dine on the finest culinary delights in elite clubs or lodge in elegant bed and breakfast inns. No, Jesus was most often found with the lowly, the average and the forgotten people, people with little to no money and little food but hungry souls for truth and hearts of generosity. Following Jesus is accepting a life of discipleship, saying no to self and yes to our brothers and sisters. It is true, life is short but eternity is waiting for us with open arms. Saying no to our selves does not mean gloom, its saying yes to community and a shared life with other believers, its participating in the common good of all people, and it’s a communal vision to life everlasting with our Heaven Father.

Following Jesus means letting go of many things but your return in accepting Jesus and the life he has for you is boundless! Go ahead and LET GO!

My prayer is that you will see and feel God in a very special and real way today! You are special and uniquely created by God and you are so very loved by God! ~Shalom

Breath Prayer: Help me let go…so I can live.