Lent 2019 – Fourth Sunday in Lent – What Happens When We Go?

March 31, 2019

Luke 9:1, “Jesus called the twelve together and he gave them power and authority over all demons and to heal sickness.”

In the next verse, Jesus sent the disciples out to minister to the people in Luke 9:2, “He (Jesus) sent them out to proclaim God’s kingdom and to heal the sick.”

Our author, Juan Huertas reminds us that each week as we leave Sunday morning services and we are dismissed with the phrase, “Go in Peace” is an opportunity to go into the world sharing the love of God with everyone we encounter. Go in Peace! Go and spread God’s Shalom – God’s healing, wholeness, completion, integration, salvation – in the world. Go – you have authority; you have been empowered by the Holy Spirit to be Christ in the world.

Our WORSHIP has ended.

Now our SERVICE has begun.

My church used to say this at the end of our church services every week and I loved it. I’m not exactly sure when it started and when we stopped but I miss it dearly. It reminded me that Sunday morning was just the beginning of my week and it continues until I’m back in the Sanctuary the next week.

I’ve known for some time that anyone can be a witness for Jesus and that our actions speak much louder than our words. I’ve long been interested in learning more about the scriptures and understanding the meanings held with them. I’ve attended church for as long as I can remember and I have such fond memories of church activities during my youth. Family and church have always been synonymous for me throughout my entire life. I have been so blessed throughout my life to have strong Christian role models, from Sunday school teachers to ministers. My parents sacrificed so much so that my brother and I, both could attend a Christian elementary and high school (Grace Christian Academy). Growing up in rural America, college had never really been on my radar but when the opportunity presented itself, again my parents sacrificed so I could attend a Christian college (Judson College now Judson University). To say that I am blessed is such an understatement! As I look back on my life so far, it is so clear to see in hindsight that God has been preparing me for the life I get to live right now. I get to share my thoughts through this medium with all of you, you bless me by your support. I am honored to serve my church as an Elder and privileged to lead a weekly bible study and a monthly devotional with a women’s group. I have long desired to attend seminary with the possibility of maybe becoming a minister someday. Who knows, that may still happen but either way I’m thankful to be in the service of our Lord Jesus Christ. If my actions lead only one person to know salvation, to God be the glory!

Friends, as we start out a new week let’s be reminded of the endless possibilities to represent Jesus in our daily lives. Take time to made eye contact with someone, hold a door open, say thank you and you’re welcome, think before you speak a word in frustration or in anger, be the better person, be Jesus in a world of need.

What Happens when we go? GO IN PEACE!


Breath Prayer: Where I’m needed, Lord,…send me.