Lent 2019 – What Happens When We Go?

April 1, 2019

Mark 2:23b-24, “As the disciples made their way, they were picking the heads of wheat. The Pharisees said to Jesus, “Look! Why are they breaking the Sabbath law?”

Hello friends! I am slow in posting today! I am on vacation and and yesterday was a full and busy and emotionally charged day. In today’s companion devotional, Juan Huertas reminds us of things/practices we learned early in life while important can change as we grow and hopeful mature or at the least experience life. A beautiful practice of praying by kneeling and placing our hands together with a bowed head teaches us to be still, reverent and at peace to enter into conversation with the Divine! It’s an awesome experience and fully needed and I believe to be honoring to God. With that being said, as we are called to discipleship the work we do is often while upright and in the business of the world, how wonderful that we can call upon the Lord God Almighty at anytime and anywhere. Honor and cherish the things of the past and make room for new practices and ways to share God’s love in the world.

Go in a Peace!

Breath Prayer: Help me love…God and neighbor.