The Journey: Clarity to Bold

Have you heard of the “My One Word” movement that was started a few years ago? It’s a fascinating process where you choose a word that has been laid upon your heart and seek to live into it. I participated in this activity 3-4 years ago at my church and have continued the process. My “One Word” was and remains “CLARITY.” I felt that God had placed that word upon my heart after prayer and contemplation at the beginning of my journey to live into my one word. God has blessed me throughout this process with people, experiences and books helping me to define clarity for myself. With a new year approaching and people talking about making resolutions along with the unlikelihood of keeping the resolution past the first few weeks, or even the first few days of the new year, I found myself wondering where 2018 would take me(?). As I was driving home from a long weekend with my family today, my mind began wondering as I took in old familiar sights and recalled memories of long ago I suddenly felt the Holy Spirit press upon my heart the word “BOLD!” It was so strong I thought I had actually heard the word spoken! I know that God has something in store for me in 2018, I’ve felt so for some time now, that God is preparing me for a journey or an experience and I have no doubt that “clarity” and “bold” have something to do with it. Ask any of my friends that have known me since I was young and they will tell you I have a tendency to be a little stubborn, a trait I have tried to lessen over the years. Through my search for clarity I have learned that stubbornness can be a tiresome battle that is rarely worth the harm it causes. I have a trusted friend that taught me a very valuable lesson that has helped me in more ways than I could possibly or adequately explain but I will give you the basics of the lesson, I would often become overwhelmed with things especially at work but also in my personal life and my friend’s advise was so perfect and simple I finally saw the “bigger” picture. The phrase is this: “Area of Concern” and “Area of Control.” Once you figure out these two things life begins to be much clearer than ever before. If you don’t “control” it, you will always be disappointed and let down by it; however, you can still have a concern. Now, if it is a “concern” you will have to tell yourself, how much of myself am I willing to lose over a concern that I have absolutely no control of or over(?). Great advise! This bit of knowledge has helped me in so many circumstances I can honestly say that my stress level has drastically lowered and it’s much easier to differentiate boundaries in my personal and professional life. Learning this lesson has helped me more clearly understand “clarity.” I have had some high and low points in my life in the past and I have to say I’ve experienced a lot more high points in the past year and I’m also feeling like I’m at a plateau, not really a crossroad more like “balanced” which is absolutely wonderful and it’s a good thing to feel balanced in life but balanced can also seem “stationary” and I want to continuing growing and gaining, there’s still so much more to learn and share. This is where “bold” comes into play and perspective. I don’t want to become stagnant most especially in my spiritual life but my personal life as well, the whole of who I am (body, mind and soul). There’s endless opportunities to learn and share God’s message and my hope is to continue to do both with BOLDNESS in 2018. I appreciate everyone who reads my blog posts and my prayer is that you see past my words and see God and give Him praise. I realize this is a couple of days early for New Years but I am wishing you the Happiest of New Year in 2018!

My One Word by Mike Ashcraft & Rachel Olsen. http://www.myoneword.orgE0680065-B421-4CCC-B6EB-3D315ECD666A

Bible references for BOLD:
Psalm 138:3 “When I called, you answered me; you greatly emboldened me.”

Proverbs 28:1 “Sinners run away even when no one is chasing them. But those who do what is right are as bold as lions.”

Acts 4:29 “Now, Lord, consider the bad things they say they are going to do. Help us to be very bold when we speak your word.”

Bible references for CLARITY:
1 Corinthians 13:12 “Now we see only a dim likeness of things. It is as if we were seeing them in a foggy mirror. But someday we will see clearly. We will see face to face. What I know now is not complete. But someday I will know completely, just as God knows me completely.”

2 Corinthians 4:6 “God said, “Let light shine out of darkness.” ( Genesis 1:3 ) He made his light shine in our hearts. His light gives us the light to know God’s glory. His glory is shown in the face of Christ.”

Psalm 119:18 “Open my eyes so that I can see the wonderful truths in your law.”

Dictionary definition of Clarity: the quality or state of being clear.

Dictionary definition of Bold: fearless before danger; showing or requiring a fearless daring spirit.

~Blessings and Peace~