Clarity – Bold – Renewal


I had the privilege of encountering new people at a new project implemented through my church, it’s called “Pub Night @ Books & Brew.” The place was crowded yet unique, at least two groups were using the space when we started and a third started just as we were leaving. It was a fun and relaxing environment where you can pick a book from the shelf to read, play video games or board games all in a single space. They have their own line of custom beer to sample or choose from a menu of foods to be shared or devoured alone. Our group was somewhat small, eight adults and a small child. The concept of this kind of meeting is to be in a relaxed setting with friends to share in conversation with one another about our lives, our beliefs, even questions about the world we live in and how we can be the individuals God created us to be. Most importantly to be Jesus to those who do not yet know Him. It’s about being authentic people living, dreaming, hoping and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. A favorite scripture of mine comes to mind when I think of these small group gatherings, Matthew 18:20 “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” God wants to be with us 24/7/365; not just on Sunday’s or at Bible Study or any other specialized service.

When we live authentic and true to ourselves we don’t need special services or gatherings to remind us that we are God’s children. God wants to be there when you’re having a horrible work day where it seems like everything is going wrong, He will be your firm foundation, He will strengthen you, He will comfort and encourage you! And on your great days He will be by your side, smiling and cheering in your successes. He wants to be your best friend, your confidant…He loves you, He created you like no other! I’ve been attending another similar group at a sister church for about a year or so, it’s called “Pub-Theology” it too is a small group of people who once a month meet at a quaint cafe’ where we share in a snack/meal and a beverage while we share our joys, sorrows and questions all with Jesus being the center. Being a Christian is not an easy road to travel, the journey is lightened when shared with others. Daily, I am encouraged by God, not because I’m a perfect Christian always doing the right things, I am encouraged because I hold to the promises of God and I believe that God created me and gave me purpose. Each day I discover new things but as my knowledge expands my beliefs and understanding is heightened. I am excited to share my journey of exploration into what it means to live with authentic purpose. God gave me the word “CLARITY” a few years ago and I see more clearly today than ever before, as I mentioned in a previous post, God recently placed a new word upon my heart and it was “BOLD” along with clarity I have set out to discover what it is that God has in store for me. Then, at Pub-Night God through His wondrous plans gifted me with yet another word. Our church is exploring “Star Words” leading us to Advent. Each person picks a random “Star” shaped piece of paper from a basket and use the word chosen to lead your heart/spirit into Advent. My “Star Word” is “RENEWAL!” I am whole heartedly giving into the wonder of God as I try to live into RENEWAL, and what it means to me and my spiritual journey. I am not abandoning “Clarity” or “Bold” they too will stay a part of my journey of exploration. Hence, the new blog design. I hope you find this space encouraging and helpful. Wherever you are in this world, know this to be true…YOU ARE LOVED! Thank you for your support of my blog posts, I strive to be the individual that God created me to be and I am thankful for my salvation and for His forgiveness. May the Peace of God Be With You!

~Blessings and Peace~