San Francisco…Bridges and Tunnels

Without having a wider view or a caption telling us why the fish seems to be jumping out of the bowl, we are left with our imaginations. Have you ever been fishing and when the fish is out of the water, they seem to just flip and flop on the ground as if they need something…They do! Fish need water, like we need oxygen. It’s a terrifying feeling when you can’t catch you breath, as a fish is to water, oxygen is to humans. So, this past weekend I had planned a day of laughter and storytelling with an old friend, sharing a meal and taking in a play at the Indiana Repertory Theater in Indianapolis. Unfortunately, she had to cancel and for good reasons. I am not upset about the cancelling, in fact I’m not upset at all. Disappointed but again, things happen and I’m a firm believer in “God’s” plans in “God’s” time. So, after getting the news of cancellation, I was encouraged by someone close to me, to still go and attend the play as planned. I gotta say…being downtown alone, felt very much like a fish out of water. Sometimes I don’t think my friends realize just how much of a challenge it is for me to do certain things. I understand and know it’s all about learning, growing and experiencing new things. I arrived downtown about two hours before the show was to start. I sat in my car in the parking garage for what seemed like an hour but was closer to 15 minutes. So I get out of the car, look around so I could remember where I parked and then I made my way down to street level. The city was buzzing with lots of people.  Being downtown was both exciting and terrifying. There were a lots of things going on downtown…High School Proms, Firefighter convention, Pacers game…It’s alive and captivating, seeing and hearing the laughter and conversations happening around me was electric. I was surrounded by so many different people and I felt invisible, this was until I experience eye-contact with someone and then I realize I’m not invisible but wished I were. Even though I had no particular reason to look my best, dress better than I normally do, I still wore the new “girl” jeans I purchased at the pleading and begging of a friend, this same friend suggested wearing my hair straight versus the usual messy look which I prefer. We all have beauty and purpose, I’m still learning to appreciate the things I am versus the things I am not. I made my way to the lobby of the IRT, sitting in the outer lounge area waiting for an appropriate time to pick up my tickets at the “Will Call” box office. At about 30 minutes before the play would start I made my way to the counter to pick up my tickets. I over-hear the lady in front of me asking/wanting to buy a ticket, I interrupted their conversation and ask, are you buying a ticket just for yourself? She responded, yes. I said, I have an extra ticket if you would like to have it. She replied yes, “are you sure?” I said absolutely, so I gave it to her and she ask if she should pay me for it? I said no, the only down side to a free ticket means you will be stuck sitting next to me. I made my way to the elevator while she looked around the lobby area. I know she probably told me her name, but in the rush of giving her the ticket, the name did not grab hold of my short-term memory. I proceeded to the seating area only after stopping to purchase a beverage…liquid courage, at least that’s the name given to it sometimes in situations such as this, sitting next to a total stranger. My drink was a Corona Light with a squeeze of a chuck of a lime. There were still a few minutes before show time when the lady I had given the ticket to arrived. I had not mentioned to her earlier that the ticket was for the front row. We quickly starting talking, here’s where I paused and ask her name…she said, Catherine. She was from San Francisco. It was such pleasure to meet her. The play was amazing, and I met someone new. In a very short span of time we exchanged the usual pleasantries and a few more personal things such as family and interests. We may never meet again, but I hope she will see this entry, as I mentioned to her that I was a writer and I was going to be writing about my night at the IRT and meeting her. Catherine, with a “C” it was a delight to meet you and to share in conversation with you. I hope Indianapolis treated you well! Wishing you and your family much joy, health and happiness. May God bless you and your family! I would love to someday visit your city, San Francisco. The overall experience of doing things outside my comfort level proved to be a success. I am so blessed to have so many amazing people in my life. To my followers, thank you! This journey of sharing my thoughts with you is incredible. May God continue to bless each and every one of you.
~Peace and Blessings~

“All who would win joy, must share it; happiness was born a twin.” ~Lord Byron

In honor of San Francisco…and Catherine from San Francisco!





A great fish story…


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  1. So happy you went and stretched outside your comfort zone to experience something new…may you always keep stretching beyond what you think are your limits to reach your new heights!


  2. Loved the story and the example of blessed to be a blessing. So glad you had a great experience! Kathy

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