Ok, total random act (which) is usually not me…I’m sitting in my car at the CVS at Saratoga Pkwy/US 40. A vehicle parks next to me and it appears to be a grandmother and grand-daughter in the vehicle, I overhear their conversation and the grandmother is asking the grand-daughter to go in with her, the grand-daughter replies, no…I look like (paraphrased as the exact word escapes me at the moment)…I look bad. The grandmother gets out and a few seconds later, the grand-daughter gets out and goes in with the grandmother. This action gave me pause and a sense of pride in today’s youth. So when, they returned to their vehicle and I paused for a moment again and the urge to get out of my car and approach them was too overwhelming not to get out of my car. I cautiously approached and ask if I could ask a question. A slight pause and the grandmother is yes, I ask “are you related to one another?” They both responded “yes” grandmother/grand-daughter…I said that this probably seems weird but I am overjoyed at your actions of going in with your grandmother, it showed great respect and honor. I went on to say that a lot of kids grow up not knowing grandparents and that I was blessed to have not only known my grandparents but also my great-grandparents. Then I thanked them and walked away. It was as if I floated back to my car…it’s a ” God” thing and I am overjoyed! Planting seeds in God’s garden is everyone’s responsibility in the family of God! Thanks for reading this long story, May God Bless and Keep You!

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  1. Beautiful story! So proud to know you – a Christian living out God’s call to share! Kathy Sent from my iPhone



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