Warning Signs

Today started out like most days for me…shower, dress, check my mail, driving to work, arrive too early, hangout until time to clock in. Nothing seemed out-of-place except for me. All of a sudden, normal noises felt like someone was screaming into ears, I felt as if I had weights on my shoulders and my lungs were not getting enough oxygen. Sunlight hurt, walking felt heavy as if my shoes were made of concrete. Outside of writing this, my mind does not want to concentrate it feels empty inside. I can’t explain it, I felt fine and now I am just so very irritated. I requested to take the rest of the day off but made sure it would not negatively affect my co-workers, I knew I was approaching a boundary and I certainly did not want them to be caught in crossfire if I found myself exploding over something trivial. The best course of action was to excuse myself from a possible battleground. It’s difficult for me to be in such a predicament, I don’t like to come across as needy or burdensome but the reality is there’s nothing wrong with needing someone’s help. It is not a sign of weakness, from the very beginning of time God knew it was not good for (man) people to be alone that’s why he created two beings instead of only one. The message I am hoping to accept as well as pass onto you is this: Life is precious, it needs rest, nutrition, smiles, hugs, shoulders to lean on, voices of comfort and compassion, prayers for strength, prayers for thanks-giving. Do not be so stubborn to turn away friends who want to help, it does not make you weak. Being weak is a myth and the longer we allow such thoughts to permeate our existence the longer we will be enslaved to this worlds views. Ask God to intercede, let Him be your solid foundation, I promise you will find rest in Him.

~Blessings and Peace~