Love and Hard Work

Below are just a few writings/poems from the past I wanted to share.  My inspirations come from my dreams, life experiences and from observing life and how people interact with one another.


There’s not much in this life but love and hard work.

~Will Geer (Grandpa Zeb Walton)


Black and white
You lying on a bed of white
You inviting me
You and me
Skin to skin
Me holding you
You softly holding on
Feels like flying
Time stands still
Holding on to the air within
I want to this moment to last
Tears of joy flow freely
My eyes open
It was only a dream
My eyes quickly close
Bringing you back
My heart feels heavy
In the darkness
Your embrace I feel

~February 27, 2011


Oh how I wish to be cradled in your arms

To feel safe and secure from the evils of this world

I yearn for the feeling of protection that covers me with your arms, the gentle caress that soothes my fears away

A feeling of complete and utter peace as I slumber wrapped in your loving arms

The assurance of reaching for you after a nightmare, knowing you’re only a touch away and all my fears scurry away

I tried so very hard to be so many things to you, these are the things you were to me.

Nov. 30, 2011


My Over-Protection

My porcelain doll shiny and new
Upon a pedestal all dressed in blue
Me looking up at you
You looking down at me
Never wanting you down to play
Fearing that day
You would not want to stay

February 05, 2012