Imagination…what images flash in your mind when this word is heard, spoken or read?  The truth is our thoughts cannot be measured accurately.  I am amazed daily at the power of our thoughts, personally I have had people tell me that our minds, thoughts and imagination can take us wherever we want to go.  Similarity to the book, “The Secret” the power of positive thinking!  Something for me which is more important is trusting God and seeking to be positive in my words, actions and even my thoughts.  I do admit some days are easier than others.  If we focus on the things in our lives that bring joy, happiness, hope and peace…you will experience these things.  I prefer to be in that “state” of thought but let’s face it , we are all human and it can be just as easy to turn our thoughts to negativity.  My faith and belief in God is central to who I am and I am in no way minimizing that when I say, Disney!  The happiest place on earth for me is DisneyWorld, I have such fond memories from my many trips with family and friends.  This past summer I was reminded of Disney while walking into work, I remember the day, just an ordinary day that caused a rush of memories, as I walk into the ground transportation building as the automatic doors opened and because of the extreme heat the air conditioning fans pushed cool air on me as I walked through the doorway.  If you’ve ever been to Disney on a hot day, the same scenario happens while entering buildings.  When I felt that cool air and heard the fans engaging I was  immediately transformed mentally to being at DisneyWorld!  I am in awe of the simplistic and yet the complexities of my existence by my Creator!! I find myself experiencing other like feeling when I visit my dad, memories of my childhood and of my mother quickly fill my very being, some happy while others cause much sadness wishing at times that if I could have had my mom still here.  I guess what I’m trying to say, I know…I haven’t been very clear; is we all have the ability to choose our thoughts and passions whether they be positive or negative, honestly I think both can be beneficial if dealt in moderation.  One word of caution, it can be freeing to allow our imaginations to play out in our minds but be careful to not allow the lines of reality and fantasy to become blurred.  Sometimes I require a healthy dose of reality and truth so that I do not set myself up for disappointment when my thoughts are swayed towards things that can never be.  Like rekindling a lost love, I have to remind myself that it could never be as it once was, we are both very different now, what remains is pure love and concern for one another and we have beautiful memories.  Reliving the past, seeing life through kinder eyes give me perspective and acceptance.  I am reminded that God created me and you with a purpose.  I will never be a nobody and neither are you…we belong to God, we are sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, aunt, cousins, grandparents…you are never alone, we are significant and special children in the family of  God, Almighty! Amen!

~Blessings and Peace~

Psalms 63:1(NIV)  You God, are my God. Earnestly I seek you; I thirst for you. My whole being longs for you.  In a dry and parched land. Where there is no water.”