My One Word…Clarity

I’m trying to figure out what my “One Word” should be. The 3 words I have used over and over again during the past year (2013) have been (clarity, fear and scared). Clarity in life, clarity for me as a person and clarity of God’s Will for my life. Fear and scared have been somewhat interchangeable as well as unique to certain circumstances.  I am fearful/afraid of many things and depending upon the situation this is manifested by physical expressions.  I seldom like trying new things because I do not want to be made “fun” of or belittled in front of others, friends or strangers. I can admit I would rather fail in front of strangers because I have experienced the cruelty of people close to me turning against me rather quickly.  Theory, they weren’t really friends. I’m not much of a risk taker, I like order and structure, although in life we rarely get those two details.  I believe I have answered my own question, clarity will bring about insights to me regarding fear and scared emotions. Foundational for me is, I believe in One True God, God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Clarity is bringing into focus how I can live fully into the person God created me to be, clarity of my responsibilities as a child of God, and clarity of being a daughter, sister, aunt, cousin and friend.

~Blessings and Peace~