Calling for Help

I dialed 911 today, I have only used the service a few times in my life and I am thankful to the men and women on the other end of the call.  I was scared to call and scared not to call, I had come home early from work due to be ill, so what I reported could easily be a nightly thing.  Regardless, the issue was shouting, yelling, loud noises and general nuisance at 1230am.  I do not even know my neighbors names but I am fairly certain children are in the home, so I took a deep breath and made the call.  Almost immediately, all the noises ceased.  So after waiting for 20 minutes I contacted 911 again to report the incident was no longer an issue and thanked them for their service, oh and a small but worthy notation which I am not proud of, I gave them the wrong apartment number for myself…that single digit makes a huge difference.  The 911 operator was very understanding and I learned a value lesson, emergencies “stay calm and confident.”  Just as we have 911 available almost everywhere at anytime, we have God 24/7/365 and we should not feel any hesitations to reach out to Him.  But just as I was scared, anxious and even fearful to call 911, when we have unresolved sins in our lives those feelings can keep us from a loving relationship with our Lord and Savior.  Our pride gets out of control and blocks us from the truth, God loves each of us and wants to share everything with us, if you are caught up in pride and selfishness like I currently am, please pray this prayer with me and run back to the loving arms of God.  Dear God, I recognize and ask forgiveness for putting my pride before you. You are my creator, I was created to share your “Good News,” I am your child, help me to follow your commands. You bless me with  your…Hope, Peace and Love. Amen.

Today is a new day, we are made new by the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ… Today, tomorrow and forevermore!

~Blessing and Peace~

One thought on “Calling for Help

  1. Hi, I enjoyed this very much because I called 911 two weeks ago on some suspicious people in the neighborhood. You are right, it is a bit frightening but I was glad after I called. Think about those who have grown apathetic with God and never call because they don’t believe God hears them or will respond. Then compare them to those in crime ridden areas who won’t call the cops because they think they won’t show up.

    Hope your feeling better and that I will see ya soon. mg



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