Needs and Wants

Daily, we all are faced with choices and most often they are basically one of two things, a need or a want.  One is not more important or more valuable than the other, provided you know the difference.   I have personally been looking at each more intensely over the past few years and what I have figured out is, I have a very limited list. A valuable lesson learned is it is ok to want specific things, the danger comes when we find ourselves wanting things so much that it becomes a distraction and jealously creeps into our hearts and blinds us to the dangerous path we are traveling down.  In regards to needs, what do we really need?  Sometimes, I think we use faith as title or trait of ourselves, when in fact it is really an action word to describe our love and affections for our salvation through Jesus Christ, meaning is our faith increased when we diligently pray and seek God’s will in our lives to provide for our needs or do we sit back and assume our faith is strong merely because we believe in God and He will provide for whatever our needs my be?  Personally, I do believe in God and that He knows my every need and He lovingly wants to provide my every need and my every want, He is just waiting for me to openly and sincerely ask Him.  God is a generous God, He wants to be our provider, our Savior!  It is not sinful to have nice things or to enjoy material possessions, they are only sinful when they take and distract us from the reason we have them.  Never forgot to thank God daily for your blessing. Keep yourself humble to others and share your gifts.  I have two favorite prayers that humble me each time I hear them, I pray they touch you as deeply as they do for me

“Oh God all that we are and all that we have is a gift from you, take our gifts multiply them and transform your world, Amen!”

“Oh God help us to be masters of ourselves, so that we may be the servants to others, take our minds and think through them, take our lips and speak through them, take our hearts and set them on fire, Amen!”

Below is something I had written a few years ago, I am happy to say that my thoughts are clearer today, I still have days where the world feels cruel but I am reminded this world is my temporary home. This conditional world tries to convince us that all we need for happiness is material things, not true…God is the great provider and He knows our hearts and will bless you abundantly!

I don’t need to be in love
I want to be loved
I don’t want to give care
I want to feel care

My faith is weak
My anger is strong
I want to run
I need to be held

I want to let go
I’m all tied up
I want to scream
I’m too scared

I want to cry
I need to cry
I curb my wants
I deny my needs

God wants in
I push God away
I blame, I question
Silence is all I have…