What I Learned From Missing Church Yesterday

Yesterday’s Scripture reading at church was Luke 13:10-17 and Jeremiah 1:4-10

With regards to the scriptures used in yesterday’s sermon, I did a lot of reading and I am discovering there is so much I want to learn and to write about that it is starting it overwhelming me, but in a good way. I believe this feeling is in part due to not connecting and attending church services for the past two weeks, there is a power in community that can not be reached or felt outside of the community gatherings of Sunday morning church services. Sundays for me is more than coffee and salutations and hearing a sermons of the rights and wrongs of Christian life…it is an opportunity to re-energize and supply myself with spiritual provisions to meet the obstacles that life will set before me in the coming week. It’s a chance to fill my emotion tank with hugs and smiles as I face a week of uncertainties. It’s an opportunity to participate in a meal with my brothers and sisters in Christ and to physically take communion and realign my spiritual barometer towards God and seek forgiveness and guidance to be a living example of God and His love for all mankind. Taking the bread and drinking the wine in remembrance of the selflessness of Jesus because He loves us like no one can and to freely share His unconditional love with us. Communion is the most sacred act for me and I missed participating in it yesterday. What I understand about the scripture reading is the Sabbath is a holy day and we should set aside at least one day for only God, the Sabbath is about God and all that He has done, doing and will do for us, we can become very calloused about the ceremonial things to the point of simply performing the act and completely take the significance of why the act even exists…communion is a good example if you do it because it makes you look holy and everyone else is doing it and if you don’t do it people will question your faith…if any of these things are your reasons for taking communion you have completely missed the message. Communion is a very personal act of reconnecting with God and a time to be honest with ourselves and put our pride aside, for me it is a total surrender of my pridefulness, an opportunity to literally feel God wrapping His love around me and reassuring me that He is in-control, I need this humbling experience to keep me grounded in truth…if God be for us who can be against us!

A second thing I understand about Luke 13:10-17 was Jesus’ act of healing the woman was His compassion for people. He saw her suffering and wanted to relieve her pain. He was not thinking, the laws do not apply to me and performing a miracle of healing is to show His defiance towards the law, His act was directly from His heart which is filled with unending compassion and love. Jesus brought common sense to His followers, He used stories/parables that people could relate to and understand. My thoughts about the reason the teachers and scribes of the synagogues were so troubled at the healing was fear, fear that if people were making decisions based upon common sense and understand the laws in a practical manner they would become insignificant within their community/synagogues. Jesus said that He came to fulfill the law not to destroy the law. So, even though my job requires me to work on Sunday, the Sabbath it can in no way take the significance of the day away from me, it is within me and the Holy Spirit guides me through my day.

The second scripture reading for the sermon yesterday was Jeremiah 1:4-10. My understanding of this scripture is that God chose Jeremiah to deliver His will. Through my reading and studying of the Bible, God uses meek, stubborn and even defiant individuals as instruments to deliver His messages and will. Moses was not outgoing and he stuttered, he begged God to send his brother Aaron but that was not God’s will. Then there’s Jonah…reluctant and defiant but in the end, Jonah did do the will of God. It has been my experience that God continues to use the “Moses’, Jonah’s and Jeremiah’s” of today to spread the Good News just as Jesus shared His ministry with the marginalized of His day. We are all called to share the “Good News!” Listen and seek God’s call for you, for those who follow my blog or just know me, know that I am actively seeking, searching and listening for my call into ministry. I am attending a class titled, Pursuing Your Purpose it is a wonderful journey of discovery and I am eager to share my experiences and knowledge with the world. Starting my blog,  I feel is in part fulfilling my purpose, I am excited to continue my journey and to share my experiences with all who will listen to me and read my blog. Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you. May the wonderment of God be revealed to you this day!



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