Choose God, No Disappointments

I have been quiet for a few days trying to collect my thoughts about life and the difference a single day can make. Today is my “Wednesday” my hump day! It has been a long week already, my emotions have run from high to low and my concentration has been difficult. I can tell you that starting my day without a conversation with God always leads to difficult days. Starting my day with God balances me and centers me to meet the challenges throughout my day. God wants to share our lives and He provides for our every need. I really do not have any words of wisdom to share only that life is not so cumbersome when we share it with God!

The lesson that this world teaches us is the sooner we accept disappointments the better off we will be… Life tells us no matter what or who we think we can trust…before we can get accolades out of our mouths…someone or something disappoints us. My personal experience in just the past month have had many disappointments, it’s a tough world and the only thing one can truly count on is God and even then, in our humanness our faith is weak. Wanting the tangible…seeing is believing. As humans we fail each other daily and we continue this heart wrenching cycle again and again hoping to somehow change the cycle. I learned a long time ago we must be careful for the things we wish for as they may actually come true…the things we think will bring happiness to our lives do not always work out. I guess the opposite can be true as well, if we don’t have some inclination of what we want or what we desire… we may always be searching.

August 6, 2013
*Amended August 17, 2013 @ 10:36pm