Today was a WOW Day!

Today was the BEST day I have experienced in a very, very, very long time. My day was filled to overflowing with God’s Blessings! One of my oldest and dearest friend came to visit with me. We shared new stories and old stories, wonderful memories and life in general. Although our visit was short it is now a cherished memory because she gave me the expensive gift of her time. She and I met, we’ll say a few years ago…she was a junior in college and I was a mere freshman…straight from the country and not a lot of life experiences. We quickly became friends and God has continued blessing each of us throughout our adult life and finding just the right time for our paths to cross allowing us to reconnect as if no time had passed. I’m still puzzled as to why we connected but I have learned through the years, God had a plan and purpose for us and we are living into His plan. And just as my friend was departing for her long drive home I was blessed again by a new but very dear friend asking to have dinner and conversation. I literally felt like a firework bursting! So I met my friend and we talked and laughed and just by being present in the special moments of my day it was incredible! I know often God’s ability to provide exactly what we need sometimes feels like a mystery but for me and especially today, God knew my needs and provided for those needs with purpose and divine intervention. Nothing happens by mere chance, life is too precious to not be designed by God for His glory.

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