Time for Family

Today was my family reunion at Turkey Run State Park.  Our number were low this year compared to previous; however, I did miss last year.  It is relatives from my mom’s side of the family, although all are welcome and we keep expanding with new ones.  There were lots of newborns this year, lots of fun holding, hugging and free baby smells…infants are so incredibly perfect.  We have been doing these yearly reunion for several years, my grandmother initiated them, I believe.  It was hard after grandma passed away but my mom more than filled her shoes! I mentioned missing last years reunion, my mom passed away in June 2012 and it was just too hard to go, plus I did have to work.  I miss my mom every single day and I know that many others are experiencing similar struggles, so I am not saying mine is better or worse…losing a parent is difficult no matter your age or theirs.  Family is important and family is more than your blood relatives, there’s all kinds of people I call family because of the bonds I have with them.  I absolutely know that I learned the art of forming family bonds from the values represented by my relatives.  We always have room for an extra place or two at our tables, extra blankets and beds for weary travelers.  It is true the reunions will never be the same when we lose loved ones, I like to think they remain with each of us through our memories and in the telling of stories of how they changed our lives. My father volunteered me to say “Grace” today and initially I was upset for him volunteering me, but after I thought about it…my mom used to do the same thing and my grandma before her.  What a legacy…I am ever so thankful for the people in my life and the ones who are forever in my heart.  I have a favorite song and I always feel close to God whenever I sing it or hear it and it makes me think of the two greatest women that I was honored to have been a part of…mom & grandma, I will love you forever and I think of you so very often.  Peace~

Here’s the song:  http://youtu.be/pWyufa8KTQs