Finding Your Passion and Purpose

I recently started a class entitled, “Pursuing Your Purpose.” Part of the first week is stating your “theology” and your “passion,” initially I was having trouble finding the words to define my theology and passion, then I found sometime on the Internet that simplified it for me. I challenge you to find your passion and theology and these 5 questions are a great starting point.

1) What makes you smile?

•What is it that lightens you up whenever you encounter it? Happiness and passion go hand in hand. Think about what puts you at ease. Think about the things that bring you peace. Peace and happiness – these are what you should be pursuing.

2) What ignites your creativity?

• A fulfilling life always seeks to expand its horizons. If you want to know how to discover your passion in life, think of the things that make you want to try new, fun and exciting ideas. What is it that inspires you to do extraordinary things? What it is that makes you creative is something worth chasing.

3) What do you want to share with other people?

•Passionate people always feel the need to share whatever it is they’re doing with others. Why do you think volunteers are so dedicated to their respective organizations?

4) What would you do for free?

•Money makes the world go round. That’s why most people would rather go for careers that pay more than those that make them happy. What these people don’t know is that following something you are really passionate about helps you become successful. Think about something you look forward to, something you wish you can do all the time. Doing something you love helps bring out your best. The dedication and hard work that comes with it will bring you inevitable success.

5) What will you regret not having tried?

•Sometimes, unavoidable circumstances push us away from our dreams. If you were at the end of your life, what would you have liked to try? Don’t wait until it’s too late. No regrets – this is why it’s important for you to learn as early as now how to find your true passion in life. Don’t get discouraged if it takes a while. Discovering your passion in life is a process. Life transformation is always possible, just remember to keep an open mind and open heart to changes.