Heart and Soul

I attended a class/workshop yesterday entitled, “Pursuing My Unique Purpose.” I am eager to define my purpose, I wrote “Heart and Soul,” a few months ago, I have been searching for the meaning and purpose of my life for some time now. I am acutely aware that God is calling me to serve in some capacity for His glory. It was reassuring to meet other individuals in the class/ workshop who are also searching. How amazing that we are all uniquely created by God and that He has a reason and purpose for each of us and that He loves us for the individuals we are and that we were hand crafted for His glory. I am discovering that we all have specific spiritual gifts that God gave us and with these gifts we connect with one another to form a community of faith to support each other and to spread the Good News of Jesus and His saving grace to all people. Thank you for sharing this journey with me and my these words encourage and inspire you to seek your uniqueness!

Cold and scared where will I find refuge
Bleeding within myself, beaten, battered and bruised
My chest aches with the weight of the world upon me
Will I see the Light, will I ever feel again
My tears offer no release, I’m chained twisted and torn
I want to scream but who would hear my cries
God are you there, I need to know am I worthy
I’ve never been this lost before, where is home
I feel so full of emptiness, why do I even have a heart
My heart is a battlefield colored with darkness
Will my sorrow continue, what more will fall or go away
I am the infant that nothing will soothe my cries
I am the tree on a lonely plain, no shelter no leaves
I’m a single blade of grass on a concrete yard
How did I get here , who am I, why does it matter
When did I know, what purpose do I have
Talk to me, I am searching, is that my purpose
Crawling and scraping where am I to go
Can I be true to you and to me, simultaneously
Show me the way home…

March 26, 2013