Today was my birthday, I have always loved my birthday. To have one special day just for yourself! I had a good day, I woke to birthday text messages, I worked for a friend, a friend took me to lunch, a friend gave me cupcakes, a friend gave me several gifts, I was serenaded twice and received numerous birthday hugs and greeting plus birthday cards! I am truly blessed not because of gifts and cards…I am loved by these individuals and they made me feel extra special today! I am very blessed! This feeling can be shared and experienced on a daily basis, God wants to shower each of us with his everlasting love each and every day…ask Him to be a part of your day and exciting things will surround you! I am not promising that you will never experience difficult times but God does promise to always be with us, you only need to ask and invite Him on your daily journey through this world.

July 30, 2013

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