Third Tuesday • Advent 2022

December 13th, 2022


Sacred Spaces

Hello and welcome! I just finished reading a devotional entitled, “Mary, Mother of God Chapel” written by Jan Richardson and she describes a chapel that provides a quiet space for her soul. It made me start thinking about quiet spaces where I find quiet and peace for my soul.

“Now my eyes will be open and my ears attentive to the prayers offered in this place.”

2 Chronicles 7:15

When I was growing up, I loved walking in the sanctuary of our church, we would often have meals at church following a Sunday service and I would sneak away upstairs to enjoy the quiet. It was an old church with wooden pews, polished and just right for sliding on. But I loved the feel of the wooden seats, the creaking of the wooden floors when walking on them, and looking upon the picture of Jesus on the wall. Such beautiful memories. Below are two photos of the church I grew up attending.

Centennial Community Church
Yeddo, IN
Centennial Community Church
Yeddo, IN

Most recently, I have found two favorite activities that feed my soul and help me feel closer to God. The first activity is driving on country roads, or at least roads off the beaten path. I drive slow and look for things that give me pause, I often will park the car on the side of the road so I can get out and take a closer look and usually snap some photos. My second favorite thing to do is to go to a park or nature preserve and sit listening to the sounds. Watching nature move in harmony with the wind, the birds singing and trees swaying. These are my chapels.

How about you, where is your chapel? Do you have special places or things that you retreat to for quiet soul rest? If you have them, visit them often. If you don’t have a special thing or place, maybe you are still searching and my prayer for you is that the Holy Spirit will provide guidance. Seek places or things that bring you JOY! It is very important that we take time to care for ourselves, so that we are able to care for others.

Here’s a few of my favorite photos from my country drives…I hope you enjoy them.

“Mary calls us into this holy space of inner fertile darkness. We can ask her to stay with us in the cell of our hearts as we await what wants to emerge.”

Christine Valters Paintner

I am so very blessed for you support , companionship and encouragement during this advent journey.

May you experience much JOY today!

~Charlotte, Seeker of unexpected Comfort, Happiness, Joy and Patience.


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