Love • Grief • Growth

November 22, 2022

Hello friends — 🍁🌾🍂

Just a few thoughts about loving deeply and grieving deeply. I would not have been able to put those two words in the same sentence a decade ago. God has taught me so many things about love and grief over the past ten years. My mother was called home to heaven by God a bit sooner than I would have liked and God’s plans are always right. Oh, I still miss her every single day, not so differently than anyone else who has lost someone they loved. I guess, I’m saying this because grief is not the same for any two people, when we love someone so deeply with all our being it’s hard to let go. It’s hard to say goodbye. It takes time, it takes hard work and grief can be messy, scary and heavy. I felt all these things and more even though I knew in my heart she was in heaven and that I will see her again someday. I was even upset with God, I just did not understand why and I wanted her here…for me. I was very selfish in my thinking way back then. Not giving much thought to God’s plans or even about my moms future health concerns, I just wanted my mom to still be here for me. I know these are all natural feelings and emotions that people experience. As I allowed myself to process, I realized that I would never have wanted her to be sick or ill, needing to be cared for; she would have simply hated that. If we allow ourselves to grieve as deeply as we loved; something wonderful happens… our hearts can experience a fullness and an increased capacity to love others. Keep their memory alive, share that person with others. I find myself referring to my mom a lot, just through casual conversations and it’s okay. I no longer feel the need to be sad when her name is spoken, though I do miss her. Just today, I was talking with a friend and mentioned a plant that I have had since right before my mom passed. My mom had given me a starter plant, I don’t really have a green thumb but I have managed not to kill it, and slowly it is growing. As I sat and looked at my plant tonight, God spoke to my heart and the words that came to me were these…growth, grieving and loving and all of these words are part of God’s marvelous plan for each of our lives. My plant has been in a growth spurt recently and I find myself at peace within my life right now, I feel as if I’m living my best life.

Is God speaking to you? Are you hurting or grieving? Ask God for His plan for your life. Trust in The Plan!

This is the plant my mom gave me over ten years ago…slow and steady healing and growth.

A prayer for you…

Dear God,

I pray that you would be present in very real ways to the person reading this. I ask that you comfort them in times of grief, I pray for their peace and to see with clarity the gifts you so freely give. I ask for patience and guidance for them to find their way through grief. I pray this prayer knowing and trusting in your all encompassing love and compassion. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

In a world where you can be anything…

Be Kind

~Charlotte, Seeker of unexpected Comfort, Happiness, Joy and Patience.,Prov.3.6&version=NIV

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