Advent 2021 • Week Four • Day One

Monday, December 20th, 2021

Verse of the Day

“I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.” —John 10:11

Responsibilities of Being a Shepherd Written by: Marjorie J. Kinnee, Apostolic Writers’ Digest, June 1999

1. Day-to-Day Care of the Flock – A shepherd provides the basics; food, water, shelter, and protection. He knows what food is best for his flock in every season and where to find it. He can find water even in drought. He plans the construction of the sheepfold and erects short-term shelter while in the field. He daily lays his life on the line in defense of the sheep.

Jesus, the Good Shepherd provides for our every need which includes; food, water, shelter and protection. Jesus laid down His life on the cross to provide an atonement for all sin, once and for all. (1 John 2:2)

2. Dealings with the Outside World on Behalf of the Flock – The shepherd is first responsible to the owner of the sheep. The owner has the master plan for the flock. The shepherd is entrusted with the details; additions to and subtractions from the flock, the time and place for fleecing and wool sales, and selects and trains assistants and helpers, and discharges them if they create harmful situations or cause any harm to come to the flock.

Jesus being born human, came into this world to do His Father’s Will, not his own. Jesus was entrusted by the Father to teach and lead His sheep. (John 6:38)

3. Foresees Danger – The shepherd trains the flock to know and follow his voice. This is his first line of defense. To wayward sheep, he administers discipline and takes preventative measures to correct fatal tendencies. He researches and develops methods and measures to improve the present flock and prepares for future flock needs.

Jesus became human and experienced the same temptations you and I are faced with, not only did Jesus face them; He was able to do so without sinning. Jesus came to earth where he loved, lead and taught; He conqueror sin; He rose from the grave and returned to Heaven to preparation a place for His sheep. (Hebrews 4:15/John 14:3)

4. Leads and Guides the Flock – Because sheep tend to overgraze, the shepherd moves them on to fresh pasture. To do this, he may have to lead them through danger; enemies – within (pests) and without (marauders), hazards wind and weather, and obstacles – mountains and gorges. Here his experience is a prime factor. He’s been this way before and is not surprised by danger. He knows what to do and how to proceed in dangerous situations.

Jesus is the gate for all sheep that follow Him, all those who enter in will be saved. Jesus calls His sheep by there names. His sheep know His voice. Jesus cares for His sheep and carries them close to His heart. (Isaiah 40:11/John 10:1-18)

5. Oversees – The flock is the focus of the shepherd. He is responsible for their physical well-being. So he sets the pace, aware of the particular needs of each sheep. There are ewes. – heavy with new life, lambs – inexperienced and frisky, young rams – stubborn and territorial (always pushing), the aged and sickly – those needing extra attention, and the wayward – who oppose everything (even their own best interests). Shepherds study the breed. He learns the strengths, weaknesses, and personality of each one. A thriving, peaceful flock is his blessing and reward.

Jesus is ever mindful of each sheep in His flock, if one goes astray, He will leave the flock and return the lost to the flock. Jesus know the smallest of details for each of us, right down to the number of hairs on our heads. (Matthew 18:12-14/Matthew 10:30/Luke 12:7)

Whether his flock is few or thousands, his responsibilities never let up. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, year in and year out; the shepherd cares and shares the life of the sheep. It is a lonely occupation. He must be gentle, but he must also be confident, resourceful, and decisive. He dare not be nervous or flighty if the flock is to flourish.

Jesus, the Good Shepherd is always near to His flock. “But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far away have been brought near by the blood of Christ.“ —Ephesians 2:13


Today our challenge is the be mindful that no matter what circumstances or obstacles might be in our way, trust in Jesus, the Good Shepherd. Jesus will never leave us. As we navigate through the day let us share with Jesus our fears, our hopes and our passions, He wants to hear from us. Remember, Jesus cares, knows, leads and will protect us with His own life.

Talk with Jesus

Prayer ~

Jesus, thank you for love me. I know I often wander off and need to be rescued. Help me to listen to your voice and follow your leading. I am grateful to be a sheep of your flock. Help me to learn your ways, to love the way you love. I pray this prayer in the name of the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ. Amen.


Psalm 23:1-6

Matthew 2:6

Luke 15:1-7

John 10:1-18

Romans 8:31

1 Peter 2:25

~Charlotte, Seeker of unexpected Comfort, Happiness, Joy and Patience.


The Job Description Of A Shepherd

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