Advent 2021 • Week Two • Activities

Saturday, December 11, 2021

Unwrapping the Names: Word of God; Truth; Lion of Judah; Holy One of God; Lord of Lords

Verse of the Day

A voice of one calling: “In the wilderness prepare the way for the Lord; make straight in the desert a highway for our God.
— Isaiah 40:3 —


The author of the book I’m reading through Advent gives the following suggestions to put our PREPARATION into action.


Make snowflakes by cutting out patterns on simple white paper. You can write prayer requests on one side and on the other write Bible verses. Decorate them around your home. While putting them up pause and pray for those things listed and recite a Bible verse that speaks to your heart.

Photo credit: Me (my nativity scene & Mary, Joseph and Jesus)

Act out the nativity story either as a play, a musical or a puppet show. If you don’t have others to help or perform for, try putting yourself into the scenes, imagine what it was like for Mary, for Joseph, or for the kings that came from a far. This can help bring the story alive.


Sing gospel-center Christmas carols that center your heart and attention on Jesus. Find an old hymn or check out:

🌟 Memorize a Christmas verse or a verse that features the of Jesus that stood out this week: Word of God; Truth; Lion of Judah; Holy One of God; Lord of Lords. Also find made-for-you memory cards at:

🌟 Gift hand made nativity ornaments. Draw the nativity, a star or wrote out the name Jesus. You might even try drawing a lion, a lamb, a shepherd or vine. Or download coloring ornaments at:


Write a letter to Jesus. Tell Him all you’ve learned it discovered this week. Thank Him for who He is, confess any sins to Him and ask for a deeper relationship with Him.

You can find these on Meta (formally Facebook)

🌟 Play “traveling wise men” with your nativity set, set the scene up normally but instead of placing the wise men with the other figurines, place them in the furthest corner of your home and move them closer and closer each day until they finally reach Jesus.


Go to to download a free printable activity sheet and other fun resources to celebrate Advent.

~Charlotte, Seeker of unexpected Comfort, Happiness, Joy and Patience.


9 thoughts on “Advent 2021 • Week Two • Activities

  1. How fun, Charlotte! I like the wandering wise men.

    This past week was a challenge for me…doing battle with some old internal demons. I won. In the process letting go destructive patterns and habits. Making room for healthy habits. Making room for Christ. ✨💝🕊

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    1. I know, the traveling wise men is a great idea!! Remember, which I know you do…you are never alone. You are in my prayers and I wishing you a magical Christmas season both spiritual and commercial! ❄️🎄✨🎅🏻☃️❄️✝️💗

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      1. Hi Charlotte! Thank you. Wishing you a blessed Christmas week as well! I am happy that today is solstice and the days start getting longer again.

        This week I am practicing opening my heart to love…even when it hurts. I think this is what God wants us to learn through His Son. 🙏🏻⭐️💝✨🙏🏻

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        1. It’s great to hear from you. It’s weird, we’ve never met but I consider you a friend! Wishing you the Best in all you do. Big hooray for longer days! Jesus showed us what real love is all about. You are right it hurts sometimes but we must not let that detour us from experiencing again. For me, I have tendencies of looking for love in wrong places. Still trying to figure out the journey and path God chose for me. Merry Christmas Nina, May you literally feel the arms of Jesus around you and may your soul find comfort, joy, hope and most of all love. 💗 🎄✨🎁🙏🏻🌟🌻🎄🌟

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          1. Aww…I know its weird and wonderful. Here we open our hearts with our words in a way that shows who we really are. I am honored to be called friend. I too consider you a friend…connected in God through the love of Jesus.

            Yes, real love that sometimes stumbles…but holds us accountable for our actions and words. And sometimes being able to see and say “I’m sorry for…that was rude of me” and the other—because of understanding and compassion—acknowledges…is a blessing and a gift. And more compassion grows into more real love. It’s nice when we can be gentle with one another. So goes my journey!

            Something I am learning is that if we first look for love in ourselves—we can’t go wrong! Then, when we see that we have so much love inside—we can give it freely to others…cause it’s a never ending source.
            Merry Christmas to you, Charlotte! May you also feel the same! In the beloved arms of the one who will never forsake us. 🎄✨💝✨🕊✨💚✨🎄

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