Lent 02•27•2021: Show Me The Way

Saturday, February 27th, 2021

Hi friends! I hope today is all you want and need it to be. I’m still tired and my spirit is willing! Thanks for stopping by my blog post today. You are a blessing to me. Some non-blog related news to share, I received my second covid vaccine yesterday, WooHoo 🙌🏻 🎉 🤍 one day closer I hope to stop wearing the mask and another day closer to greeting my friends and family with hugs!




Questions To Ponder:

(Answers below)

1. What is the most RADICAL words written in the Gospels?

2. What is a touchstone of being a Christian?

3. What is considered the main criterion of holiness for saints?

There are a few individuals in my life that have their own special place in my heart that is there’s alone. Friends that have significantly impacted my life; lovers who changed my life for the better and family members.

Prayer is defined as an address (such as a petition) to God or a god in word or thought; an earnest request or wish; the act or practice of praying to God or a god according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Prayer is central to the Christian life, it is communicating with the Divine. As Christians, we often post prayer requests in church bulletins, newsletters, emails, personal visits, and phone conversations. Mr. Nouwen explains, “Prayer allows us to lead into the center of our hearts.” It is within our hearts where we keep our deepest and most precious “things.” We protect it. But what exactly are we protecting it from or whom? Jesus was by far the most RADICAL individual in the Bible and he tells us to do this. “…love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” This is our verse for the day, Matthew 5:44.


Praying for our enemies is certainly not an easy task to do. It requires patience and discipline, loving others as Jesus does. Praying for those who love us in return is an easy thing to do, praying for those who hate us is much more challenging. I use the word challenging because praying for them opens ours heart to them, that intimate and protected space we treasure. I will quote Mr. Houwen as his words are better than mine, “Prayer allows us to lead into the center of our hearts not only those who love us but also those who hate us. This is possible only when we are willing to make our enemies part of ourselves and thus convert them first of all in our own hearts.” (1).

As we begin to pray for our enemies it can be the first steps to reconciliation; it can convert an enemy into a growing friendship, or perhaps two individuals that no longer hate one another but agreeing to compromises. Prayer is very powerful and praying for our enemies is the most difficult, but not impossible.

I’ve thrown a lot of information in my post today and I know it’s a lot to take in but the message is quite simple LOVE!

My authentic self knows the lesson for today is a challenge not because I don’t understand it, but because I must unlearn things I was taught, passed down to me and were culturally accepted practices. Hate did not start with an explosion, no it was a spark. And I know that things will change even if it must starts with a spark. This all reminds me of a song I sang at summer camps…Go on sing along 🎼🎶🎵

Lenten M•I•C•R•O Practice for today:

~Unplug Day 10

Unplug as much as you can – perhaps even the wifi router! Make room for connection with those close to you.

🅿️ Prayer 🅿️

O Lord, look with favor on us, your people,

and impart your love to us —

not as an idea or concept, but as a lived experience.

We can love each other

only because you have loved us first.

Let us know that first love

so that we can see all human love

as a reflect of a greater love,

a love without conditions and limitations.

~ Amen

~Charlotte, the Seeker of unexpected Comfort, Happiness, Joy and Patience.


Answers to questions to ponder:

1. Love your enemies (page 38)

2. Love (page 38)

3. Prayer for our enemies (page 38)

Show Me The Way — Henri J.M.Nouwen • 1992 The Crossroad Publishing

(1) Show Me The Way — Henri J.M.Nouwen • 1992 The Crossroad Publishing • Page 37, paragraph 1.




(NJBV) New Jerusalem Bible Version/Translation