Mistakes: Lessons Learned

Sunday, January 3rd, 2021

Photo: Gatlinburg, TN at Anakeesta.

So, here it is only 3 days into the new year and I only made it to January 2nd, before making not one but two mistakes at work. And in keeping with my 2021 One Word: Exasperation, I have decided to take a different approach in addressing this issue. Yep, I exasperated myself!! I am very passionate about my job and try very hard at being thorough and correct. In the midst of doing these things, I prepared an email and sent it to several individuals needing to know it’s contents. It was probably less than 10 minutes after sending said email, I spoke with someone who had vital information that I was completely unaware of and would have been extremely beneficial prior to sending my email. In what I thought made me sound knowledgeable in the email, now made me seem foolish. I knew in my heart the only thing I could do in good conscience was to try and recall the email and send a follow up email if necessary apologizing, which I did. I am mentally prepared to deal with any consequences, deep down I know I’ve made this out to be much bigger than it really is. I know this because I’ve started to really listen to myself and reflect on my actions as they affect me and those around me. I was proud of myself for not getting overly upset and verbally angry.

Lesson Learned:

— Continue to be thorough and passionate

— Review work and collect as much data as possible before a formal response.

— Slow and methodical work is superior to fast and rushed work.

— Ask for help, ask for assistance, ask for input and proofing of data.

— Keep the lines of communication open with God and others, ask for patience, take comfort in doing my best, feel joy in doing the job I love to do, and in all things find happiness.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today and continuing this journey with me.

~Charlotte, Seeker of unexpected Comfort, Happiness, Joy and Patience.