Advent in Narnia: Angels and Messengers

Monday, December 14, 2020

During the season of Advent we read about Angels and Messengers of God to Mary, Joseph, Zechariah and the Shepherds. C.S.Lewis in his Narnia stories does not use angels but he indeed makes use of messengers. Being a fan of Lewis, I love the imagery and relationships of the animals in Narnia as they relate to Aslan. And, in our world, how God uses others humans and Angels as His messengers.

The word “angel” in Hebrew and Greek is the same as the word for messenger.

Our story yesterday revealed a messenger for the children new to Narnia, a Robin who lead them to safety. Previously, we learned that the Beavers too were messengers, they helped the children to safety and explained the Aslan prophecy of the Sons of Adam and Daughter’s of Eve. I believe in Angels and messengers from God, I have experienced them. I have learned that trusting is all about taking that one first step forward. Mary trusted the Angel Gabriel, she had no idea what the future would hold but she loved God and knew of His goodness. Please be aware and mindful of God’s messengers in and around your life, whether they arrive in the form of birds, friends, or a glorious heavenly host!

Questions for Reflection:

• Have you ever had a feeling you’d been visited by an angel? What made you feel that way? Did you ever tell anyone else?

— I have often felt a strong presence when in familiar places that I had spent time with my mom. My mom died unexpectedly in 2012, the void remains but the pain has changed. I have two very specific memories of the last time I saw my mom alive…sitting in my blue car and the hug & kiss from her saying goodbye after a visit in the parking lot near where I live, two days before she passed.

• Have you ever felt God leading you in a direction you didn’t expect? What were the messengers or clues that signaled this to you? Did you end up following in that unexpected path or not? Why or why not?

— Yes! I was lead to become a more active member of my church, I was reluctant at first. It is difficult to put into words but simply answering yes, filled my heart like nothing had before. I am involved with two very special women’s group at my church, they support me and encourage me in ways I never expected. The groups are JULIETS and Esther’s Circle, a band of women, who are God’s angels and messengers to me and many more. My “yes” lead me to be an Elder, Bible Study leader, Christmas party coordinator, and Sunday school teacher. The COVID-19 Pandemic has made it extremely difficult to stay connected but we do our best.



Malak: Messenger, Sent One, ANGEL,-As-God~s-Messengers