Advent in Narnia: Like a Thief

Saturday, December 12th, 2020

Hello and welcome—

Night Sky 2015 Avon, IN

Sneaking around(?), does that sound like Jesus? What about Christmas and Santa Claus? Or, the Pevensie children playing “hide & seek,” sneaking around in the Professor’s house. Strange things to think about during the advent season for sure.

Christmas/Santa Claus/Gifts:

— I will admit there’s a fair share of “sneaking” during these activities. I love to be a gift giver especially at Christmas. It so much fun to give gifts that are personal, as I try to do. Parents will wrap and place presents under the tree on Christmas Eve to promote Santa for as long as possible, both for themselves and their children. The wonder and anticipation in a child’s eyes, no one ever wishes that to go away. This kind of sneaking is fun, playful and positive.

— The Pevensie children playing a game of hide & seek, is a fun game most of us played during our childhood. It is also an example of fun, playful and positive.

— What about our scripture verse today, Jesus coming back as a thief in the night; sneaking(?). Does this sound or feel scary to you? As a kid, I can remember hearing sermons on Jesus second coming and they scared me for many reasons. Now that I am older and have spent some time understanding the scriptures a little bit more it is still scary but for different reasons. I also am excited knowing that I will be in Heaven with God. It is scary knowing that many still do not know God and that He loves them. I saw a movie when I was in high school and the memories and emotions from that film still scare me. I don’t recall the name but it was taken from the perspective of being left behind after Jesus’ return. I know now that it is God’s desire that we all accept him as our Lord and Savior. The scriptures go on to tell us that only God the Father knows of when Jesus will return, “But about that day and hour no one knows, neither the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” ~Matthew 24:36

In our story of “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” we definitely have some sneaking around going on…

• Edmund sneaks into the Wardrobe to follow Lucy.

• Mr. Tumnus tries to be sneaky and kidnap Lucy but regrets that decision and sneaks her back to the lamppost so she can return to the Wardrobe.

• Edmund sneaks out from dinner with Mr. & Mrs. Beavers to go the the White Witch’s Castle.

• The Beavers, Peter, Susan and Lucy must sneak through caves to evade the White Witch.

• Asian, stays out of sight, sneaks to get around until he chooses to emerge for Narnian’s to see him.

Being sneaky can be used for good and evil, choose wisely. The writer, Heidi Haverkamp said this on page 35, “The powers of evil and sin are sneaky, too. Why shouldn’t Christ also sneak about with secrecy and care to trick and overturn the plans and powers of spiritual forces that seek to hurt and destroy? Or do some skulking around in the crawlspaces and locked draws of our souls and bodies, where he might be able to free us from some of our sin and shame?”

Questions for Reflection:

• What is frightening for you when you imagine Christ’s second coming? What would be alarming? What would be a relief?

— It’s frightening because people I love may not be going to heaven. It’s alarming that it will be too late for regrets for some. I have no inclination as to relief, since I don’t know what I will feel at that moment. It would be nice if we were to feel some relief now on earth, stop hating, stop competing to the Battle of the Religions. We need Hope, Love, Joy and Peace; these are the words of Advent and my prayer for 2021.

• Are there ways you’ve noticed Christ’s grace trying to “sneak” into your life lately?

—Most definitely, I don’t normally refer to it as sneaking, it’s more that I can see and relate to God no matter where I am or what I’m doing. I see God is Science Fiction movies; I hear God through the voices on the radio; I meet God in the grocery store and coffee shops…I may not always notice Him but I know He’s always there.



The Lions World by Rowan Williams