Advent in Narnia: Week Two – Lucy

Saturday, December 5th, 2020

Today marks the beginning of week two in the book, “Advent in Narnia.” So far we have made it through the first four chapters of C.S.Lewis’ book, “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” and we have referenced the chapters in chronological order; however, today we will be revisiting chapters 1 and 2.

Jeremiah 1:6-8

Hello friends-

I hope you are enjoying the story lines from the novel, “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” and our verses from the “Bible” as much as I have had in writing about them. Today our story takes us back to chapters 1-2 of the novel and takes us on the journey of Lucy walking through the wardrobe and meeting Mr. Tumnus. We have learned many characteristics about Lucy and the kind of girl she is. She is adventurous, as evidenced by exploring the house and entering a room with only a wardrobe in it. Her curiosity is heightened as she opens the doors of the wardrobe and it’s filled with clothing, mostly furs and long coats. I imagine Lucy due to her age must have been short and perhaps even had to reach up to the coats as she peeks her head in the wardrobe. She was hoping to find a hiding place from her siblings in a game they were playing. Lucy displays bravery as she forges ahead further and further into the wardrobe with the coats dangling in front and above her. Lucy is quite inquisitive and when she experiences a strange sensation under her feet she was not all frightened, but eager to discover what it might be. Lucy, begins to notice that she is no longer shuffling past the furs and coats and that the wooden floor of the wardrobe has changed underfoot. She looks below at her feet only to discover snow! She turns and lifts her gaze to find herself surrounded by snow as if in a winter wonderland. Lucy sees through the trees and pines a lamppost shining brightly. As Lucy approaches the lamppost she hears a strange noise and encounters an oddly dressed person who appears to be part animal or something. The stranger is startled at Lucy and drops all the items he was carrying. It was with great hesitation, the stranger steps forward as Lucy is picking up his things and starts a conversation with him. Finally, the stranger introduces himself to Lucy, as Mr. Tumnus. This exchange was very brave of Lucy, very brave indeed!

This all reminds me of the pure curious spirit and resilience of children. In the scripture reading for today, we read about God calling Jeremiah to serve as His prophet. He shows us a different side of children’s pureness in personalities, perhaps Jeremiah was shy or lacking confidence. A much different perspective than what we know and have read about Lucy. *Reference listed below provides some insights to Jeremiah’s age at his calling. He may have been between the ages of 14-17, considerably much older than Lucy.

As our story of Advent in Narnia unfolds, we will undoubtedly come across more adventurous tales of Lucy and her siblings. I look forward to joining them on these adventures and observing more Lucy’s sense of wonder, trust and bravery. She has an inspiring spirit, a heart that is confident, kind and brave, not to mention a keen sense of wonderment, and her willingness to walk through doorways to the unknown.

Questions for Reflection:

• How has God helped you face a call or experience you didn’t feel ready for?

—I was called to a leadership role within my church and I was reluctant to answer that call. I thought that by being in a leadership position I would not be feed spiritually, at least in the manner I was used to and liked. I was so wrong!!

• How did that call or experience affect your life?

—Answering the call to be an active leader within my church blessed me beyond an expectations or fears. My heart is overflowing with the joy I receive through this and other experiences. I am spiritually feed in many more ways than I ever imagined.

• What about the Advent season most arouses your sense of wonder?

—It feels like I’m hearing the nativity story for the first time, each time. I keep a nativity in my living room year around because of the wonderment of God and precious gift given to the (me) and the world through a baby, God’s beloved, Jesus!

• What does that wonder lead you to want to explore?

—I am seeking to live into the life God created me for. Eager and curious to learn more and to read more and to be in more conversations that further the Kingdom of God.

• Are any “wardrobe doors” catching your attention right now?

—Definitely! How about you?