Advent in Narnia: The Professor 12/06/2019

“…I believe; help my unbelief!” ~Mark 9:24b

To follow along in the novel, read chapter 5.

I have been a fan of C.S.Lewis’ writings for quite some time, I love his ability to use words to transport me to new and exciting places. I love the imagery one can conjure up by using imagination. Long before movies were available or affordable travel, people have been able visiting new countries and planets; and meeting new species. People today still find it difficult to believe what the Bible tells us. They have trouble believing a child was born of a virgin but no problem whatsoever believing in a groundhog named “Punxsutawney Phil” who predicts the weather? Or in believing in the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus. I am certainly not trying to diss “Peter Rabbit” or “Kris Kringle,” they were both part of my beloved childhood. I’m just saying, our imaginations are gifts from our Creator! I can easily see Christian themes in many productions I’ve watched, one of my very favorites is “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” it is filled with imagery and storylines to encourage the belief in someone bigger and more powerful than ourselves. Check it out sometime!

In the story of “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe,” Edmund has ventured through the wardrobe, following Lucy. Lucy is so excited about what see discovers she shares it with her other 2 older siblings. They are quite concerned that Lucy is loosing it! They decide to seek counsel from the Professor, with whom they are staying with. The response they received was not what they were expecting, he simply ask “why do you not believe her?” Little did they know, the Professor knew that Lucy was telling the truth, because he, himself had been to Narnia. (The Magician’s Nephew), The Professor says to himself, why are they attached to such a narrow definition of reality? I love that phrase, “narrow definition of reality.” In truth, my reality is different from yours and well, different from every one else’s I would say. We are all unique individuals living under different circumstances. Sure, we share many traits and even perform the same jobs, go to the same churches, schools, clubs…etc., but we all also have had different experiences in life that have shaped us and formed certain ideas within ourselves. I may make the same amount of money as a coworker but we have different needs and responsibilities in life. So what might be an abundance to one may not be to the other.

It’s easy to believe in the possible, it’s actually quite boring. Challenge yourself and believe in the impossible. Make the unreal, a reality.

I love the Bible verse written by Paul in Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through him who strengthens me.”

Advent and Christmas both are season of imagination and wonder, dive in and experience all it has to offer. God was born among us to make what seems ordinary into holy and transformative things. Things that can sound strange or even a bit crazy…a virgin birth, visiting angels, shepherds and magi following a star to a dark, cold and damp stable to see a baby wrapped in rags. Use your gift of imagination and enter into God’s reality and experience the Christmas season not as a silly, childish distraction but as a radical new perspective on faith and the kingdom of God.

Questions for Reflection:

• Which of the Pevensie children are you most like? Peter, Susan, Edmund or Lucy. *I would have to say I’m a little of Lucy and a little of Edmund.

• Are you comfortable with the similarities? *I appreciate seeing myself in both and I want to be more like Lucy.

• Would you prefer to emulate one of the other children. *Lucy

• Does the season of Advent strain your sense of reason? *No for me, I believe that anything is possible with God. *My doubts fall on myself and my ability to be faithful and committed.

• How is your imagination fed during Advent? *Through the music and children.

• How is your faith affected at Advent through your imagination? *The manager scene and the Star! It feels like I’m hearing the story for the first time each year.