Lent – 2019: What Happens When We Go?

April 6, 2019

“You are witnesses of these things.” ~Luke 24:48

The dictionary tells us the meaning of witness is:

attestation of a fact or event

• one who has personalknowledge of something

something serving as evidence or proof

• to testify to

• to furnish proof of

• to have personal or direct cognizance of

see for oneself

to take note of

• to constitute the scene or time of 


As Christians, we are to share the story and love of Jesus Christ. Juan Huertas offers a great suggestion for increasing our knowledge of Jesus and His teachings but reading through the Gospels. If we were to read one chapter per day, we will have read all of them in 90 days! (Total-=89 chapters/89=days)

Matthew 28

Mark 16

Luke 24

John 21

As believers, we are all called to be witnesses and that witness can be done in many ways. One of the most obvious and expected ways to witness is by preaching, but not everyone is called to be ministers preaching from the pulpit. But, clearly we are all called to witness. Just as I mentioned several times this past week, we all have gifts and talents for sharing the “good news” of Jesus Christ…actions and words either together or separately. Pray and seek the will of the Holy Spirit to lead you to witness for Jesus. We are Jesus’ hands and feet, even his voice as we journey through life treating others with compassion and love.

Thank you all for your continued support especially throughout this past week, as my posts have been very sporadic. Hopefully, I’ll be back on a regular schedule soon.

Today, marks the end of another week, specifically “The Fourth Week of Lent 2019” and I’m so looking forward to continuing our study and meditation on our Lenten Journey!


Breath Prayer: Help me to be a witness…to your love, Jesus.