Lent – 2019: What Happens When We Go?

April 4, 2019

Jesus stopped and said, “Call him forward.” They called the blind man, “Be encouraged! Get up! He’s calling you.” ~Mark 10:49

I am wishing you all a beautiful day, today! My you be supplied with all you need to make it through the day! I am again reminded today just how blessed and fortunate I am! Today’s reading tells us about a man who desperately wanted to see Jesus but others around him thought they were more deserving, and wanted to push him aside, as if the were ashamed of him. But, Jesus hears the man and in doing so teaches us the importance of each person’s value.  We are all God’s children and none of us are more deserving over another, in fact, we are all undeserving because of Our sinfulness.   It is only because of God’s grace and Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice that we are make clean and holy before God.

Most of us create “To Do Lists” whether physical notes or mental ones. As for my life, I use both. These lists are a good idea because they help us stay on track and hopefully keep us from forgetting things; however, a note of caution, lists can also make us narrow-minded and cause us to miss opportunities right in front of us because we are too focused on our list, the emphasis on “OUR” list.  Just like the blind man wanting to see Jesus, we must ask ourselves, “Have I ever ignored someone in need?”  or “Have I not helped someone even though I knew that I was more than capable of helping , but didn’t because I thought I was more deserving(?).

Friends, we are called into “Discipleship” and we are called to be “Jesus” in the world.  In order to do these things, we MUST be open to the Holy Spirit guiding and leading us. Don’t become so rigid in your daily lists of things to do that we miss the opportunities and chances to be Jesus to someone who really wants to see him.

Breath Prayer: Help me say,…”He’s calling you!”




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