Lenten Season 2019


Hello and welcome to my blog!  I am excited to share with you my Lenten journey this year.  I hope to post something each day to help and encourage you as well as share parts of my journey with you.  If you are new to my pages, thank you for taking the time to visit!  For those of you who follow me, you might remember that my focus and “One Word” for 2019 is “PEACE!”  I am seeking to listen to the Spirit of God leading me through this Lenten season and pray that my heart, mind and soul will be open to new revelations and possibilities.  I will be using a pamphlet distributed by Abingdon Press called, “The Sanctuary for Lent 2019.”  It was written by Juan Huertas a Pastor in Shreveport, LA.  The pamphlet is available online through Amazon and in some book stores.  I have some copies available, please contact me about obtaining a copy.  Each day offers a verse and short devotional and each week offers a specific theme.  I will also be utilizing a book by Max Lucado called, “He Chose the Nails.”



A question was presented at my church this past Sunday…

What might be separating you from the fullness of God?

That question was followed by two possible actions…

1. This might be done by giving up something during lent.


2.  It might be done by giving something to God during lent.

With regard to Max Lucado’s book, consider the crown that was placed on Jesus’ head, now imagine that the thorns on that crown represent our sins.  As you visualize the thorns, can you see them puncturing His scalp and skin, each thorn representing a sin, our sins.  Jesus, went to the cross, blameless and sinless, He did this knowingly and willingly to take our place so that we could have redemption.  This Lenten season let’s show our love for Jesus by surrendering at the cross those things that separate us from the fullness of His love.

I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you and journeying through this season of Lent with you.  I pray for open hearts, open minds and soulful contemplation.


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