First Friday of Advent – Servanthood

Friday, December 7, 2018

Luke 1:34-38

“Then Mary said, “I am the Lord’s servant. Let it be with me just as you have said.” -Luke 1:38


• one that serves others

• one that performs duties about the person or home of a master or personal employer

• a public servant

• the condition of being a servant

When the angel spoke to Mary, he was direct and concise, he said to Mary, “You will conceive and give birth to a son, and you are to call him Jesus. He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High. The Lord God will give him the throne of his father David, and he will reign over Jacob’s descendants forever; his kingdom will never end.” Luke 1:31-33. After hearing these words, Mary did have one question, “how can this be, since I am a virgin?” The angel responded and explained “the how” then Mary, eagerly, without hesitation immediately responded by saying, “I am the Lord’s servant. Let it be with me just as you have said.” Luke 1:38

My first thought when reading this it felt different from Zechariah’s question to the angel that told him his wife would conceive, so I decided to research the verse in a commentary. And my first inclination was correct, it was different and the commentary says it best so here’s what it says, “The further information given her, upon her enquiry concerning the birth of this prince.

1. It is a just enquiry which she makes: “How shall this be? Luke 1:34. How can I now presently conceive a child” (for so the angel meant) “when Iknow not a man; must it therefore be otherwise than by ordinary generation? If so, let me now how?” She knew that the Messiah must be born of a virgin; and, if she must be his mother, she desires to know how. This was not the language of her distrust, or any doubt of what the angel said, but of a desire to be further instructed.” Matthew Henry Commentary (NRSV) *Reference below.

Have you ever experienced anything remotely close to the statements presented to Mary by the angel? Would any of us have responded so quickly and without thought to our own personal sacrifices or challenges? Many of us place ourselves in situations where we place others before ourselves, that could be dangerous and I’m thankful for those brave and courageous individuals. God knew Mary’s heart, He knew the kind of mother she would be and that why God found her “favorable.” Mary was not promised any special life considerations for obeying and accepting this gift from God. In fact, as I read today’s scripture and short story, Mary suffered greatly and if fact could have been stoned to death once it was known that she was pregnant. God prepared a way for Mary and even a companion in her cousin, Elizabeth during this time of waiting and expecting. Joseph also provided for Mary during this time and wanted to protect her as well as the child she was carrying. Mary shows us what servanthood looks like, is God calling you into servanthood? Taking a step in faith can seem very risky and difficult, make time for God, listen for His still small voice, accept the Holy Spirit’s nudges, spend time alone with God. The pastor of my church offered this statement a few weeks ago and I find it very helpful, “Praying is talking to God, Meditation is listening to God.” We need both in our relationship with God the Father.

“Hardship often prepares an ordinary person for an extraordinary destiny.”
― C.S. Lewis


Lord, do with me as you will. Amen.

~Peace and Blessings~