The Plan and Trust, Trust the Plan


Hello friends!  My hope is that you experience the world in a new way today. Every day is unique and never an exact replica of the day before.  Each new day provides new information that was not available to us the day before.  Some days may seem to be a repeat of the previous day, but please resist that urge to discount the day based upon similarities.  When we  decide to settle for the “same ole same ole” we are cheating ourselves of priceless opportunities.  Most of us can relate to the processes we go through everyday that they seem to be robotic and planned out to the tiniest detail.  A favorite movie line of mine seems perfect for this kind of existence, “A life that is planned is a closed life, my friend. It can be endured perhaps. But it cannot be lived.” (The Inn of the Sixth Happiness).

A life lived for me includes recognizing and believing in God as my Creator and the “Creator” of all things.  In believing comes “Trust”, trusting God and trusting God’s Word.  It really is that simple!  So simple that our human(ness) tricks us into doubting the simplicity of it all, we try to rationalize and critique every little thing that we overwhelm ourselves!  With each new sunrise comes a new day with a clean slate to “trust” in the Lord, a new day to “Trust the Plan!”  God wants only good things for each of us, God loves you and me unconditionally.  God loved us so much He sacrificed His son to pay the debt/penalty of sin.

Sometimes I forget and take for granted that I was fortunate to have godly and God-fearing individuals in my life from a very early age.  While many lessons I learned came from attending church some lessons were a result of watching others actively living by being respectful, saying grace before a meal, through helping someone in need, holding a door, by saying “thank you” and “you’re welcome” by sharing joy and sometimes just smiling to someone for no reason at all.

I am sharing all this information mostly because I needed to hear this message of “Trusting in the Lord” and secondly because I’m feeling overwhelmed.  It was a day filled with unexpected news and uncomfortable circumstances both professionally and personally.  I have been resisting the urge to self-implode because well, that would be a stupid and selfish sabotage of myself!  Secondly, it’s too messy and energy wasted.  I did feel an urgency to write about all this, a “Spirit” thing.  If this cracks a window of hope in a moment of despair for someone it’s a win-win!  I feel better simply from writing/blogging about “Trusting in the Lord/Trusting in the Plan” anything more is glory to God and the work of the Holy Spirit.

The events of the day are for me are winding down and rest is beckoning me for sleep…worry will only serve to rob me of rest and rejuvenation, “Trusting in God and His will for my life will bring comfort and relaxation.

In closing, I want to say “thank you” to a dear friend who challenges me and who inspires me daily through her faith and friendship.   

~Blessings and Peace~


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