Mother’s Day 2018

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!

I was having breakfast at the Denny’s restaurant today and had just started to work on a mother’s day blog when an elderly couple walked in and sat at a table  near me.  I saw the lady and literally did a double take looking at her.  She looked like my mom, so much in fact I took a picture of her sitting at a table.  I immediately sent it to my cousin with a note saying, “at a glance who do you see?” My cousin responded with, “that gave me chills!”  Followed by a picture of goosebumps on her arm, followed by, “now tears!”  This lady without even knowing it touched at least two lives today.  My cousin and my mom were very close and often has visits from my mom in her dreams.  I was so glad to share this experience with her, her mom and my mom are sisters and there’s such a strong family bond between us, I am extremely blessed.  This will be the fifth mother’s day since my mom passed away, she is greatly missed.  I’ve been thinking of my mom recently and I believe seeing this lady that resembled my mom was a message telling me that my mom is still a part of me and that she knows I struggle sometimes but to remember I come from a long list of strong and caring women.  I am also reminded that I will see her again in Heaven.

I am celebrating my mom and all her accomplishments this weekend!  She will forever be a part of me.  Here’s a photo of my mom and the lady I saw today.


Here’s a new song out just in time for Mother’s Day by Matthew West I hope you like it.

Here’s something I wrote after my mom passed away, I have shared it before but think this is a good time to re-post it.

The fog continues to conceal the facts and realities of life
She is still very alive and just out of reach from me
Seems that we just keep missing one another
As if she’s just a few steps away and I can’t get closer to her
Missing her as if I’ve been on a holiday or vacation
Basically feeling an overall numbness of self and environment
I regret not asking more questions and not listening more intently
She inspired me and others to be honest, strong and above all to have integrity
Missing her is tolerable, thinking she’s just busy
Gone, she can’t be…I’m not ready, there’s still so much more I need
08/12/2012 @ 7:50pm
~Blessings and Peace~