Happy Good Friday

I had the pleasure of attending Maundy Thursday service at my church last night. It was a beautiful service filled with scripture reading from John’s Gospel, liturgy reading and responses, singing, foot and hand washing and communion. It was a very personal space shared with fellow believers. I chose the hand washing station and I will be honest, I wish I had chosen the foot washing station. The only reason I did not was fear, similar to Peter’s experience after Jesus was taken away. Peter denied knowing Jesus, I denied myself and those performing the symbolic washing of the feet of an experience like the one long ago as Jesus washed the feet of His disciples. My excuse was “I don’t want to take my shoe off.” Really Charlotte! The hand washing was a personal experience and if you have never experienced something like this I hope someday if it is offered to you, I hope you take advantage of it. My thoughts during the hand washing were of gentleness, tenderness and love. All the things that Jesus wants to be to each of us if we would just ask Him and allow His will to be done in our lives. I left the service last night feeling encapsulated by the love of Jesus, covered with His love. My hope and prayer is that you know Him too and call Him Lord and Savior.

~Blessings and Peace~